June 27, 2016—Day 178 (WD 459)

Sunrise Pages June

Peace, Dear Universe –

There’s more sunshine, this morning, and a hazy blue sky.  It’s forecasted to be a little cooler today – the high could reach the low 80’s.  It’s another lovely summer day.

I’m working in-store today, so I won’t be able to enjoy the day as much as I did this weekend.  But, in some ways, it’s nice to get a break from the heat and sun, too.

Oh, but what a weekend!  Two full days of paddling on the river.  I had two large groups and one that was just a couple.  Most of the participants had minimal paddling experience, but everyone came off the water with smiles, asking questions and curious about going deeper with this kayaking adventure.

One group was a large family, one side of which was visiting from out on the West Coast.  They came here to visit the matriarch of the family, and she had organized this family adventure for them.  I came to learn that last year she lost someone dear to her, just before their scheduled excursion in one of our classes.

It was emotional, knowing that she was fulfilling that plan, and that she had such love and joy from the family around her.  They all had a great time, and I felt honored to be a part of their connection, and her story.

So it goes.  Every moment, our lives unfold, and there are many intersections with the lives of others.  There is such magic and potential held within these moments.  We don’t know how we might change another’s life from our encounter, or how the trajectory of our life might be altered.

And, sometimes, it’s as subtle as the little seed of an idea being planted, a notion of – “ooh, I didn’t know people did that,” or “wow, that sounds like so much fun.”  The seed of curiosity that, when tended, may lead us to great Fulfillment and Purpose.

Or, just a really fun day!


So, Today’s Prompt:

Make a quick list of twenty things you’ve been curious about, that you’ve thought sound neat and a lot of fun.

Look at the list and try to imagine yourself doing each.  Are there a few to which you are particularly drawn?

See if you can dream up a Turtle Step for them.


I Love being a part of others’ stories, Dear Guides.  And, meeting people who help me create my story.  Thank you, All, for Your Guidance!

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