June 21, 2016—Day 172 (WD 453)

Sunrise Pages June

Good Morning, Divine Light!

It’s a little different routine this morning.  I’m writing this in a chair in a waiting room in a hospital.  My wife has her first mammogram since we moved – new facility, new people, new doctor.

And, familiar concerns.  She’s been cancer-free for thirteen years, for which we are grateful every day.  Yet, we also know people, including women Joy met during her treatment and after, who have had recurrences.

Therefore, this is an anxious, emotional practice for Joy.  One she bravely faces – because she believes in getting checked, hoping for the best, rather than allowing the fear of a recurrence keep her from finding out.

If cancer were to return, Joy would want to know – in order to make choices for treatment and wellness.  Not having a mammogram won’t keep cancer away; it simply eliminates one’s ability to make prudent, potentially life-saving choices toward self-care and treatment.

So, I’m here – simply as her companion as she navigates the new in this mindful choice she’s practicing.  She’s grateful that I’m willing to rise early after my late night of paddling; she’s grateful that I’m by her side; she’s grateful that I understand – maybe not her exact fears and concerns – but, that she has fears and concerns.

I’m grateful, too.  I’m grateful that I have a partner with whom to share moments – including this.  I’m grateful that Joy lets me in, is willing to show me her vulnerable side, and asks for what she needs.  I’m grateful for the doctors and staff who treated and healed Joy, and all those who continue to care for her.  I’m grateful to so many who have volunteered and donated, both time and money, to create and continuously improve the facilities and treatments available.

And, I am continually grateful that Joy is here.  Today.


I offer you this Prompt today:

What are you grateful for?  Take the time and make a list of the gifts and blessings in your life.  Take the time to say “Thank You” for each and every one.


Blessings, Dear Guides, Blessings!  Namaste.

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