June 14, 2016—Day 165 (WD 446)

Sunrise Pages June

Buen Camino, My Dear Guides!

We continue to walk through this journey, filled with adventure.  Paddling the River, hiking the Trail – metaphors for the passage of time and space in our lifetime.

There are plenty of downs as well as ups, plenty of stormy days.  The moments keep ticking by, each and every moment of our lives happens, and then passes.

Change is constant.  Sometimes it’s small and subtle; other times, it’s grand and dramatic.  But, like the four seasons, change comes, whether we deny it or accept it; whether we resist it or embrace it.

When we deny and resist the flow of change, we create struggle for ourselves.  We suffer.  We push against What Is, and we get mental rope-burn as we hold on to our beliefs about the way things “should” be.

When we embrace and accept What Is, we ease our suffering.  When we find our peace within, and know that we are always truly well and safe, and can reside in peace and happiness, we can increase our flexibility and adaptability, getting more creative and resourceful throughout the flow of change.

When we find that grounded centeredness within, we can survive the external storms; we can surf the wave.


Here is a Prompt for Today:

Identify some change in your life that you are resisting.  Maybe it’s about getting older, or your parents or children getting older.  Perhaps it’s a change in your job, or in a relationship.

Are you fighting the change that is occurring?  What would it mean to be more accepting of the change?  How does the thought of being more accepting make you feel?  Is there some fear present?

Hold yourself open to whatever you notice.  Remind yourself that you are safe, you are well, and you reside in peace and happiness.


Change can trigger Fear of the Unknown.  Thank you, My Dear Guides, for continuing to help me dissolve that Fear!

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