June 8, 2016—Day 159 (WD 440)

Sunrise Pages June

Welcome, Peaceful Spirits –

This morning brightens with blue skies and great, puffy-white clouds.  It’s a cooler day, with highs only in the 60’s.  A breeze makes the leaves dance and the branches bend and sway.  I will be outside soon enough, following the urging of My Loving Guides.

On social media, I recently answered some questions about my journaling practice and these Sunrise Pages.  I thought it might be helpful, for newer readers, to share what this is all about.

Sunrise Pages began January 2, 2016.  That was Day 1, and that post explained a lot of my process at the time.

The seed for Sunrise Pages was planted over a year before, when I teamed up with my friend and fellow coach, Jeannine Gury, to work through The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.

Early in her book, Cameron prescribes the daily practice of Morning Pages, three hand-written pages of stream-of-consciousness journaling, where one opens themselves to guidance and inspiration from the Source of the Universe.

One of Cameron’s directives that really worked for me was to release myself as editor of quality for what was written.  I was not the Source, or the writer; I am just the writing instrument.  Cameron urges one not to slow down or stop writing, because of concern over the quality of what is being written – Just Write.

So, December 17, 2014 I began my practice of Morning Pages (Writing Day 1).  I am a numbers guy in that sense, and I was curious how “daily” my practice would be, so I adopted a count for each day I did write.  And, there were days when that simple number was enough extra motivation for me to write that day.

Fast forward one year, and I had written 271 days out of 365, almost three out of every four days.  And, most of those day, but not all, I written all three pages; therefore, I felt pretty sure I had created over a thousand hand-written pages.

A week later, on a balmy Christmas Day afternoon, I was alone and hiking, when I was given the idea about posting and sharing my Morning Pages in my blog.  For the few hours that I hiked, I played with the idea of what that would look like and what it would mean.

For the next week, my lizard brain and My Furies shouted down the idea – who did I think I was; who would care, or want to read my Pages; did I understand how raw and vulnerable I would be, if I were really honest?

During that week, I kept writing my private Morning Pages, not sure how I could dare opening myself up to feel so vulnerable.

January 1, we were away, and I did no writing.  Then, on January 2, I let go of the fear and doubt I was holding on to; or, at least I set it aside long enough to just do it.

Let me try, I thought.  Let me see if I can do it – be this brave, feel this vulnerable.  Let me throw this pebble in the pond, and then see what ripples are created.

Just write.

So, the night of January 2, I posted Day 1 of my Sunrise Pages.  In the ensuing months, my practice has changed to better fit my life.  I still almost always write in the morning, but most days it’s only one or two pages – which is a departure from Cameron’s Morning Pages, and may change the magic of her process.  I still hand-write my pages, then type and post them later, either that night or the next morning.

In my pages, now, I always begin by addressing some part of my guiding, inspiring connection to The Source.  I try to show my gratitude and appreciation, and reflect on actual, recent examples of the Abundance in my Life.

I often begin by grounding myself with the weather and the views and sounds right outside my window – this helps me get out of my head and connect with the Flow of Life that is carrying me.

I will sometimes sit and wait, listening for what I will write.  Most times, just like today, I have little or no idea what will appear on these Pages.

I try to get out of the way.  If I notice myself stalled, or editing before writing, I’ll often ask My Guides directly, “What is it you’re trying to tell me?”  Then, I’ll share the ensuing dialogue.

Much has changed and shifted – in my writing style, in my content, and in my thoughts and feelings about putting these words out into the world.

I haven’t missed a day since starting January 2.  That surprises me.  Yet, there is this great lesson for me, about the True Power of Turtle Steps.  One small step, followed consistently by another and another, can propel us across a continent.  Up a mountain.  Anywhere.

More importantly, my Turtle Step daily practice of risk has dramatically increased my capacity for change.

Before, All Change seemed risky and vulnerable.  I truly see now that Change just simply Is.  It’s all around us, all the time.  Every moment, for us, is change.

What I now practice, every day, is dissolving my fears about Change.  Change is not risky or vulnerable.  My Fear can generate thoughts that make me feel vulnerable and at risk.  But, when I choose different thoughts, I know that I’m well; that I’m safe; and that I reside in joy and peace.


Here’s my Prompt for you today:

Let’s talk Turtle Steps!

Contact me, and let’s create some personalized Turtle Steps to start you toward your Big, Risky Goal.

Let’s move forward, a Turtle Step at a time.


Once again, Dear Universe, you show me how full my Heart and Life are.  Thank You!

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