May 31, 2016—Day 151 (WD 432)

Sunrise Pages May

Oh Wonder of Wonders, My Dear Creator!

This morning is bright and clear.  It’s a brilliant start to what looks to be another beautiful day.

Ah! – deep breath.  In the highs and lows that are inevitable in one’s life, this weekend was definitely a high in mine.

Yesterday’s first day of ODS courses for me was a pleasant success.  The drizzle and overcast of the early morning burned off before the first class, and we had sunny, hot, and humid conditions the remainder of the day.

For the first class, we had three participants.  I observed and supported my mentor, Dan, as he led the class.  The participants seemed to really enjoy themselves and their experience.

During the time between classes, we debriefed about the morning’s class, and Dan asked me how I felt about presenting some of the teaching topics for the second class.

I’m glad to say I didn’t hesitate, and chose to step up into the lead instructor role.  I also gave Dan permission to step in and correct or add anything necessary to my instruction, if he saw the need.

For the second class, we had two participants, great weather, and a great time.  Dan and I had discussed goals for me for the day, and he felt I had done “pretty darn well” hitting those goals.  He noted that my transitions and flow would likely improve, the more practice and familiarity with the material I get.

Matt, our ODS lead, also observed my class and provided feedback about my timing and flow.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and successful day, and one of the most satisfying 6-hour work days that I’ve had.


Today’s Prompt for you:

A Risk-a-day –

Take on a small risk each day that brings you to the edge of your comfort zone.  By practicing a risk a day, not only will you expand the borders of your comfort zone, but you will grow more comfortable with risk itself.

As you explore into the new territory of risk on a regular, daily basis, any anxiety and concern will shift to anticipation and excitement.


Last night, Dear Creator, I was good-tired, and I slept well.  I am so grateful, My Dear Guides, for leading me to this place!

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