May 28, 2016—Day 148 (WD 429)

Sunrise Pages May

Om, My Dear Universe –

Saturday morning.  Sunshine and haze.  The temperature is forecast to hit 90°F.  That’s really warm.

Today is the kick-off of our paddling sports for ODS, so certainly sun protection and hydration are a focus, as well as being vigilant for over-exposure and over-heating.

I’m in-store today.  My first class as a second instructor is Monday, when the temperature is predicted to be a little more comfortable, but the chance of thunderstorms is greater.  All in all, I’m looking forward to learning more about assessing and managing all these kinds of environmental factors.

My ODS mentor is Dan, the retired NPS (National Park Service) ranger with whom I snowshoed and hiked this winter.  I feel fortunate to learn from and work with someone who has so much knowledge and experience.

Dan also led our First Aid/CPR certification yesterday, and he spent extra time with me, as a first-time participant, to make sure that I was comfortable with all the protocols, steps, and that I had the actual techniques down and understood.

I’m also learning the fishing department the last couple days, which includes learning our product line of fly rods and reels, as well as the waders and wading boots we offer.  Yesterday, I was learning how to load a reel, which includes a few different knots, to tie the backing to the reel, the line to the backing, and the leader to the line.

I mentioned to Joy last night how the Observer part of me noticed that I took on this new learning with curiosity, and zero anxiety.

To me, that’s a clear sign of personal progress.  That’s different – simply practicing “Not Yet.”


You might like to give this Prompt a try:

Bringing Your Peace With You

It’s helpful to practice meditation and find and hold Your Peace.

But, what about after you leave your sit spot, go out in the world, and, right in the middle of your day, some incident unbalances you and rocks your peace?

When you feel unsettled – anywhere – you can always take a moment to reconnect with Your Peace.  “I am well.  I am safe.  I reside in Peace and Happiness.”

By reconnecting to your calm, grounded Peace, you can actually proceed more effectively, making better decisions, even in the midst of emergency.

Bring Your Peace With You!


It’s a wonder, to see the Changes in me that I’ve chosen to promote and cultivate.  Of course, that’s always been true.  Thank you, my Dear Guides, for helping me to choose wisely!

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