May 20, 2016—Day 140 (WD 421)

Sunrise Pages May

Greetings, Dear Universe!

Here we begin, once again, Dear Guides!  Beginnings, middles, ends – what do those labels really mean; who decides?

It can certainly seem “New Age” to talk about being Present, but I believe having an understanding of the Present can really help put the rest – the past and the future, as well as the beginnings, middles, and ends – in better perspective.

After all, each morning, as I start the day with coffee and writing, marks a beginning.  Yet, there is a continuum I’ve created, a growth and evolution in my thinking, my philosophy, my writing skill and ability, and in My Spirit.  The small daily steps from Day One to today have covered a vast distance and delivered me far from where I began.

I’ve also had endings – the end of a previous career, loss of family and friends, geographical relocations, as well as the end of old beliefs and outdated ways of thinking that no longer serve me.

Within each of those endings has been an opportunity to plant and grow something new – about me, my life, or the way I live and choices I make.  Often, the ending of something brings with it a powerful, yet challenging opportunity to transform and begin anew.

For me, Being Present means accepting and understanding that each moment, as it is, has strings to many pasts and futures, and wholly contains beginnings, middles, and ends – all at the same time.

I lose my presence when I get attached to one singular story or perspective – one specific past or future, seeing only an ending, or a beginning.  So many Spheres of Life and Consciousness intersect in each moment, and The River of Life continues to flow.


And now, Today’s Prompt:

Identify a significant moment you experienced in the last year – perhaps a graduation or wedding, the loss of a loved one, maybe a promotion or a break-up.

How did this moment mark the end of something?  In what ways was it the beginning of something new for you?

Sit and allow yourself to expand to accept both perspectives at the same time.


Always appreciating the Richness and Mystery of Life – Thank you, My Spirit Guides!

2 thoughts on “May 20, 2016—Day 140 (WD 421)

  1. Ray-This morning I awoke after a full night of restful sleeping to really feeling alive. Peg came yesterday and helped me turn my mattress and made up my bed. Then we went on an adventure- shared a grinder at Nordelli’s Grinder Shoppe. Then rode on Rte. 68 to J.C.Greenhouse saw their beautiful plants and picked up Geraniums for the cemeteries,then went on road to Lake Beseck, to the Honey Farm-Bought a Quart Jar and while there talking to owner, heard several Bird calls, she noticed my interest in locating them and my favorite male cardinal came by, (I always think of Dad letting me know he is near) She ran upstairs to get a picture she had taken of a blue bunting and a grosbeak at her feeder. The weather was perfect, food was good, company wonderful and a big thank you to you for showing me the interest to learn and have the knowledge of reading and sharing of birds. Love you

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