May 18, 2016—Day 138 (WD 419)

Sunrise Pages May

Namasté, Dear Creator –

Ah – finally, I’ve made it to a couple days of rest.  And, what a day this is – sun shining, birds singing.  Just what my soul needs, I think, to recharge.

I have much I plan to do in these next couple of days, but I can do it with a little more space, in my rhythm.  And, they will be projects that feed my soul.  I’ve got online training for my first aid/CPR certification that I’ll work on.  I plan to get out kayaking both days.  And, I’ve got some home projects of de-cluttering and straightening that I’m looking forward to accomplishing.

These are all acts in service to my well-being.  When I clean the house and eliminate clutter, I breathe easier, I enjoy the look and feel of spaciousness, and I know Joy appreciates it, as well.  I’m looking forward to having the skills of first aid and CPR, so I’m excited to do that training.  And, I’m excited to kayak in open water – I look forward to playing and figuring out the different strokes and movements, how to go where I want to go.  I also think kayaking will be a type of moving meditation for me.

I hope to include some sitting meditation in my next two days, and see if that also helps me recharge and sleep more deeply.  I haven’t held time for meditation practice in quite a while, and I think my fatigue is a consequence.

Choices – right?  I know I’m well.  Recognizing the effect of my choices enables me to contemplate choosing differently in the future, more in alignment with what my body and spirit informs me would serve me better.  So, a worthwhile lesson.

So, Dear One, I’m going out this evening for a paddle with a fellow instructor, and I look forward to sharing that experience with you.  And, tomorrow evening’s paddle is a loon watch on a different body of water, and I am really excited about that.  I remember falling asleep to the calls of the loon, as we slept on the secluded beach of a pond just off the trail on our A.T. hike.  Good memories.

ODS site — Kilowatt Park, Wilder, VT
Loon Watch

Another item I’m going to research is setting up a book club for Martha Beck’s latest book, Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening.  Martha’s team has provided a lot of instruction and information for creating a book club for the book, and they are planning a national kick-off for it.

I’m currently reading Diana for the second time, and I think it could be a lot of fun to share the book with others and explore it together.  So, I plan to look into what it will take to host my own club.

I’ll be honest – I declared last week, to myself and others, that my priority this week would be getting out paddling, and preparing as an instructor.  As this week began, things weren’t lining up, and I didn’t think it would happen.  I didn’t force it, and I didn’t stand still – I actually made other plans.  Then, suddenly, the opportunities to paddle presented themselves, and I faced a choice.  Instead of being polite or worrying about offending, I followed my heart and changed plans.  I explained why, and I hope it’s understood; but, ultimately, I’m being true to My Purpose.

Living in Integrity.


So, Today’s Prompt is more of an inquiry:

Dear One, if you are interested, or even just curious about a book club, reading Diana, Herself, please let me know.


Thank you, Dear Universe, for manifesting my dreams!

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