May 17, 2016—Day 137 (WD 418)

Sunrise Pages May

Welcome, Brand New Day!

Dear Creator, it amazes me how much has changed in me.  Progress has been so slow that it is mostly indiscernible in any moment; it’s only when I look back that I see the miles I’ve covered or the elevation that I’ve gained.

It turns out that it’s just as the wise, peaceful souls, whose lives I respect, have said it is – it’s about love and compassion; it’s about being authentic and truthful, especially with myself; it’s about realizing my power to choose, always; and being courageous enough to choose love over fear.

I still get stuck in my old patterns of thinking, and fear.  My persistent, pesky lizard does his job earnestly and well, and I don’t think he ever takes a day off.

And, I’m learning that that’s fine.  Like so much, it doesn’t serve me to spend a bunch of energy wishing that was different.

His vigilance and dedication is my invitation to be just as vigilant, aware even in the smallest moments when fear is attempting to redirect me from my path.  I’ve learned that those moments that seem small and inconsequential add up, and can greatly build my fear and shrink my world and comfort zone.

The magical transformation also lies within this truth – starting with those smallest, seemingly inconsequential moments, recognizing the choice within each of those moments, and choosing love and truth each time – brings us along a powerful Path of Our Purpose.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being mindful of each step we take.  Yet, even as I write that, I think about imagine everything in our culture and daily life that would scream impatience and discomfort with that degree of practice of mindfulness.

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote a book entitled Peace is Every Step.  For me, there is a deep and simple truth in that phrase – peace is every step, and peace is in every breath we breathe.  Peace underlies it all.  The rewarding goal for us can be to do what we are able, to be of a mind and spirit to hold and experience that peace in each moment – each step, each breath.

Those wise, peaceful souls that I’ve mentioned always seem to offer this consistent message – to be at peace is simple, but not necessarily easy.  It really does feel strange, foreign, and even risky to take the time to tune in and pay attention to our world and our lizards, and then listen for the truth in our heart.  From there, it’s a simple act, but can feel incredibly heroic, to choose the truth in our heart; to choose love.

What’s tricky is that it’s equally simple to choose fear.  Whenever we don’t step purposefully toward that choice of love, anything else is a choice of fear.  And, that can feel deceptively, deliciously easy.

Remember – any other choice, even no choice, is a different choice than choosing love and freedom.

What’s magnificent in this world is that we can begin, or pick up and continue, along Our Path of Purpose, any time.  Because truly, Peace is Every Step, Every Breath.

All we need do is take the time to unveil and realize it, there with us, all around us, each moment of our lives.


Here’s a Prompt you can try:

Rediscovering the Peace that is always with you –

Sit in meditation for 5 minutes, or longer if you are able.  (Your sit spot is a wonderful place for this exercise).

Focus on your breath for a couple minutes.  Realize your breath in, and your breath out, is the deep, sharing love of the Peace of the Universe.

Then, focus on your heartbeat, pulsing blood throughout your body.  You do not beat your heart; the Universe beats it, with Peace and Love.


Every Step, Every Breath, is Love and Peace.  Thank you, Dear Universe!

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