May 16, 2016—Day 136 (WD 417)

Sunrise Pages May

Greetings, Dear Universe –

It’s cold and overcast here this morning, and just to our north, there are places that received a half inch to inch of snow to wake up to this morning.  This time of year, it won’t last long, and it will melt and soak into the ground, which we need.

Our instructor schedule has been posted, and I’ll be building experience working with a mentor as a second instructor.  I’m also looking to get some paddling time in the next couple weeks to build my experience base.  I’m excited!

On the rest front, I have been feeling drained.  I was pretty empty when I got home from work yesterday, and I actually got in bed about 10 PM without typing up yesterday’s post.  So, I’ll work on that this morning, right after I’m done writing today’s Page.

There’s a lot that drains us, Dear One; but, there’s also so much in our life that can fill us up.  It’s worthwhile to take the time to identify those things that feed us, and make time for them.

It can be a tricky situation.  I recognize that the more that I’ve tuned in to my energy and focus, the more sensitive I am to when I’m drained.  At first, I thought things were worse than before.  Really, though, I had just accepted functioning while drained, I never really re-charged, and I was just always grinding through my life, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted.

Isn’t it amazing, some of the things we accept and allow?

Now, I know it can be better, and I know how it feels to be full.  I’m more sensitive to when I’m drained, and I crave having a full spirit and heart.

Informed by that information and my ability to choose, I am empowered!


So, how about this Prompt for Today:

It’s planting season.  Just as you can’t expect to receive vegetables from a garden without planting seeds, you need to create Turtle Steps to cultivate your desires.

List three desires you have for this year, and create a first Turtle Step for each.


Finding stillness to hear the Song of My Heart!  It’s the Song of the Universe!  Thank you, Dear Creator!

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