May 14, 2016—Day 134 (WD 415)

Sunrise Pages May

Good Morning, Dear Creator!

Wow, the morning is bright, but incredibly foggy.  I’ve always enjoyed how fog seems to transform a landscape.  There’s the slightest cool breeze, the air heavy and saturated, and the call of a lone cardinal, and then other birds, all taking on a haunting tone.

The thing about my perception of the foggy landscape is that the landscape itself hasn’t really changed.  It’s true, I can’t see the houses and trees that are farther away, and the green hills that are even farther, because of the shroud of fog.  But, everything is still right there.

There’s a bird on the peak of the barn next door, singing its song.  Surrounded by the fog, this bird and its song stand out.

So, this foggy morning presents a metaphor to me.  When I think about losing sight of the distant hills that I know are still there, that I can see so clearly on a bright, sunny day – it makes me mindful of how we lose sight of hope when we are in the midst of challenges.

The fog of doubts, fears, and pain settles in heavy, and regularly, and soon we are living and choosing as if the only reality is the small space we can see right around us in the fog.  We doubt the existence of trees and mountains beyond our visibility, or that the sun will ever shine clear on us again.

Yet, even in the fog, where our visible world has shrunk down, and we think of ourselves trapped and stuck with only our doubts, fears, and pain – notice the call of those birds.  They sing a happy song still.  They come and go.  Let them be your messengers of bright, good days.

And, the green buds and blooms of spring you can still see around you.  Look, there – colorful blossoms of honeysuckle and daffodils.  If spring is here and marching forward, why not you?

Even in the fog, there is minute beauty.  There are moments of joy.  Don’t discard them.  Don’t fear them, that they will only lead to heartbreak.

I’ll be truthful – there’s always heartbreak.  But, you’ll always experience the heartbreak, even if you try to remain hidden in the fog.  No matter how you try to numb and hide yourself, the heartbreak always gets in.

Now, when you bravely move forward, even while you doubt, fear, and hurt, you start to see brightening.  You begin to see more colors, witness more life, and see a more distant horizon.

As you move with hope and determination, despite your lizard’s whispers of pain and doom, you experience connection and joy, and from that, you experience loving and being loved.  Not necessarily romantic love.  No, not just that.  Love of All.  Love of Living.  Love of loving, connecting, and giving.

Your heart and life fill with a joy that far exceeds all the heartbreak that you will feel.  Love and joy are not the cause of heartbreak; they are the remedy.  Fill as many moments of your life as you can with joy and love.  Outweigh and outnumber the heartbreaks with full-hearted love and connection.

When you move forward, courageously practicing vulnerability and authenticity, you begin shining your own light.  And, just as you’ll discover people and experiences that will brighten your world, you will also know a time when the light from your open, true heart will brighten the world of others.

As I write that, the sky has brightened, and the fog has receded, and I can see bits of blue sky overhead.  I knew it was always there.

Writing about the fog today is as much for me as for you, Dear One.  I’ve been writing these Pages and sharing them for four and a half months now.  They are no longer true Morning Pages, most days just a page long.  That, as much so I don’t have more to type at night, as I worry I’ll try your patience and generosity with long-winded entries.  Yet, I still have faith my word, and my light, might brighten your world in some way when you need it.


Dear One, my Prompt for you:

Are you willing to be brave for two minutes?

Go to your sit spot, and find stillness.  When your mind and heart are quiet, call upon a heartbreak that you carry.  Risk opening it up and feeling it.

Breathe in the air here, at your sit spot.  Remind yourself that you are safe and well right here.  Notice that you can hold your heartbreak at the same time as being okay.  Your heartbreak is not all of you.

Now ask your heartbreak what good lesson it wishes to tell you.  Then, thank it and set it back aside, letting it drift away, down the river of your thoughts.

Breathe slowly the air of your sit spot, knowing that you are well, you are safe, and you are at peace.


Knowing that the Sun is Always Shining, Dear Guides!  Thank You!

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