May 13, 2016—Day 133 (WD 414)

Sunrise Pages May

Greetings, New Day!

It was a beautiful spring day yesterday.  I was down in CT, where the spring season was further along, with blossoms popping on all the trees.  It made for nice traveling weather.

I was asked if I’ve been getting sleep.  I’ve written and shared with you my intention of getting more rest, prioritizing it over other things, even these Pages.

I’ve been getting to bed earlier, though I have yet to make it to bed by my 10 PM goal.  Last night, though, I chose to get the day’s writing posted, and I didn’t get to bed until 1 AM.  I admit that I’m not quite sure where the time went.  And, ultimately, that’s the issue, for me.

As it gets later, and I get more tired, it’s more difficult for me to focus on things.  It takes longer to type up the pages, and, frankly, I’m also not as engaged as I type them.  Sometimes, it can be a grind to work through the steps to get the post up and posted.

Then, when the morning comes, I definitely feel the consequence of the late night.  I start the day already drained, less focused, less motivated.

It is clear to me some of the cost of staying up late and not getting enough sleep.

The awesome thing is that it’s totally fixable, totally changeable.  I just have to stay mindful and dedicated to my choice and commitment.

And, like so much else, sharing my journey with you helps me be accountable and mindful.  So, thank you, Dear One.

Today’s Prompt:

What’s one thing you know you can do, that would be good for you, would serve you and bring you wellness?

Recognize your power and ability to make that choice for yourself, in honor of a healthier you.

Find and accountability partner to share your vision.


Dear One, and Dear Guides, thank you for your love and support!

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