May 12, 2016—Day 132 (WD 413)

(I went to CT, and I decided to sit with my Dad and write today’s Sunrise Page)

Sunrise Pages May

Greetings, Dad –

I figured I was down in CT, I might swing by for a visit.  Of course, I know we’re together in the Everywhen, and it’s just a stone and bones here, but still.  I thought I’d stop by.

It’s a beautiful day, and this is a beautiful spot.  You and Mom made a nice choice.  Even the monument here, for the IMG_0220area – The Four Seasons – really resonates with me.

Everyone is carrying on.  We all have our struggles, which is certainly part of living.  I know you’ve shared with me before how a lot of it is just stuff we think we should hang onto, that we really can just let go.  I’m trying.

Did you see me on my paddling adventure last weekend?  How exciting is that, for me to take on new learning and new activities?  Life’s too short to not try new things, don’t you think?

And, I’ve been golfing with people from work, playing and sharing my love of golf.  Building community, which is exciting and fulfilling.

It helps me feel like I’m closer to home.

Well, I’m going to head back north now.  Thanks for so much, Dad!  I’ll be seeing you, out on the water, on the golf course, and in the mountains.  Keep smiling on us.


Dear Reader, here’s a Prompt for today:

What’s been happening in your life?  Take the time to identify your struggles, and congratulate yourself for working with and through them, and commend yourself for successes and efforts that you’ve made.

Remember that you are loved – so, how about writing this to a loved one?


Onward and upward, Dad!  Much Love, Always!

2 thoughts on “May 12, 2016—Day 132 (WD 413)

  1. Enjoyed your blog this morning,went to Meriden via of Pomeroy and saw 415 and the dogwood & lilac trees we
    planted very beautiful. Saw Michael and talked to him then journeyed down the street and saw they have cut
    down all the trees next to Berubi’s house. It was a beautiful morning and brought back so many wonderful
    memories. Thank you for helping me find the good things in life. I love you

    1. Much love to you, too. We are all angels to each other, and we are all just walking each other home.

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