May 11, 2016—Day 131 (WD 412)

Sunrise Pages May

Greetings, My Creator!

Another bright, clear morning, beginning a new day.  It’s been frosty in the mornings, but it’s warmed up pretty quickly, and yesterday afternoon actually got pretty warm.

Yesterday evening was just divine.  I met up with Hilary and another co-worker at the driving range, and the air was still and so comfortable, as we hit balls while the evening sun set.  We had a lot of fun, and it was a great way to spend a lovely evening.

It amazes me how enthusiastic Hilary continues to be.  I’m glad she is enjoying this so much.  I know there can be a point where we get impatient and wish to see great progress, but it’s about that deep practice over time, building muscle memory.  There were times when I would remind Hilary of certain points, and she would hit a great shot.  But, many other shots weren’t as good, and Hilary mentioned that she thought she needed me to talk to her before each shot.

I pointed out that her good shots proved that she can certainly do it, and the rest is all practice in noticing what works and doesn’t work.  As she practices, Hilary will learn how to instruct and guide herself.  Consistency will come.

And, golf is a game of good misses.

All of this, by the way, is part of the reason why I believe golf is a great metaphor for living.  It’s about practicing, and how we practice.  It’s about patience, as we hit plenty of bad shots, but learn from each of them.  It’s about enjoying the challenge of it all, remembering that it’s just a game – relishing the good shots, celebrating the good misses, and playing the ball where it lies.

Last night, in the twilight as the sun set, I was talking with my co-worker in the parking lot, when a bald eagle flew directly over us, then away, past the crescent moon hanging in the clear night sky.  Quite a sight!


Consider this Prompt:

How is your life like a game you enjoy?  Even if you aren’t a golfer, consider a game you enjoy playing, and use it as a metaphor for living.

Perhaps describe the comparison in a couple paragraphs, or list twenty bullet points about how your game of choice can be a guide to a way of living.  Have fun with it!


Thank you, Dear Guides, for bringing me to another Bald Eagle moment!  My heart soars!

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