May 9, 2016—Day 129 (WD 410)

Sunrise Pages May

Good Morning, Dear Universe!

I think I’m still riding a high from my adventure on Saturday.  Along with that, I haven’t caught up on my sleep, or stuck to my new sleep intention.

I was up at 4:30 Saturday morning, to write before the start of my Training Day.  I didn’t get home and to bed until around 11 PM, and I didn’t sleep past 6:30 Sunday morning.  Then, I worked during the day, came home, and made dinner for us, and then typed up Sunday’s Morning pages at night, not getting to bed before midnight.  Up early again this morning, because I agreed to pick up an 8 AM shift for today.

This morning, I think all the late nights and early mornings have caught up with me, and the shot of excitement from Saturday is wearing off.  Right now, I’m thinking that if I had turned down today’s shift, I’d have the day to rest and recoup.

I had set a goal of getting to bed by 10 PM, and I haven’t made that goal once, not even the night before training.  Most often, it’s been because I’m still working on posting the day’s Sunrise Pages.  That, though, is usually created by the choices I’ve made for myself earlier in the day.  After all, the entire day I knew that one of my goals is to post the day’s pages.  So, I accept that I could plan each day in a way that gets it done by 10 PM.

Hopefully, you can see that my acknowledgement and understanding of my problem empowers me to make a change.  And, when I accept ownership, I don’t put energy into self-blame and recrimination, but into enacting that change.  And, you, Dear One, can help me be accountable for my choices and actions.


Here’s a Prompt for your consideration:

What is something that you wish to bring to your daily life – maybe exercise, meditation, or, like me, more sleep?  Recognize that when you try to wedge it into an already full schedule, you are creating more stress and strain, and it is difficult to succeed.

Instead, start with Turtle Steps.  If your goal is 30 minutes of movement 3 times a week, maybe start by pacing or stretching in place for 10 minutes 3 times a week.

Didn’t accomplish that?  Then try 5 minutes twice a week.  Because, those 5 minutes, or even 2 minutes, or whatever you eventually start with, will still be more than when you weren’t moving at all.


Here’s to more rest, Dear Guides, which will lead me to more Joy!

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