May 7, 2016—Day 127 (WD 408)

(This post was written Saturday morning, before my full day of adventure.  Tune in later tonight ((or tomorrow morning)) to read the conclusion to my adventure!)

Sunrise Pages May

My Dear Spirit Guides –

Up early, early this morning, for Training Day.  It’s at least an hour before sunrise, and I’m truly amazed at how vocal the birds are outside.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to tap some of that bright-eyed energy today.

My cup of coffee this morning tastes particularly good.  I’m settling in to write this page, and then I’m off on my quest.

There’s much about this quest that is uphill and challenging.  I’ve never been in a kayak or on a paddleboard, and there are strokes that I’ll have to demonstrate, and from the kayak, an upside-down wet exit and self-rescue.

I’ve had many who have been supportive and encouraging.  Yesterday, though, one manager (whose opinion I do value) was rather direct in saying today didn’t include training, demonstrations, or practice in the strokes and self-rescue; I would just be tested on my ability to execute the techniques for my assessment.

Well, my lizard certainly sat up and took notice of that.  Frankly, I’ve been a lot more calm and level about that kind of concern than I used to be.

I figure these others who have invited me to participate want me to be a part of the team and this process.  I will do my best(!), and I am beginning a life-long experience, no matter how this first step turns out.

This is a pretty big turtle step – but, I’ve got this.  Today, for me, is about showing up positive and willing to try and to learn.  I am excited and grateful.  Fear is my rocket fuel!

Fear into Fuel

And, Dear Spirit Guides, I ask you to help me be calm, brave, and strong today.  Help me keep my heart and mind positive and open.


A Prompt for you to try:

Dear One, how are you doing with your first Turtle Step?  Remember, if you are stuck and haven’t done your Turtle Step, don’t put your time and energy into criticizing yourself; instead, put it toward cutting your Step in half again, to something you can do with ease!

And, please, reach out to me to help you strategize.


Dear Guides, we’re in this together!  Let’s enjoy the experience today – Now and Always!

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