May 5, 2016—Day 125 (WD 406)

Sunrise Pages May

Peace, Dear Creator,

May I be well.  May I be safe.  May I live in joy and peace.

I return to this, again and again.

Even when I think of the concerns and “needs” of my social self – good job, status, good reputation, security, and a network of connections and support – those are all mechanisms to ultimately deliver me wellness, safety, peace, and joy.

The culture of our social structure is a perception of lack and need.  Always needing more, and needing to do more to get what we need.  Needing to prove ourselves “worthy” of satisfaction and contentment – of wellness, safety, joy, and peace.

Some people believe that the constant chase and continued sense of lack fuel and challenge us, making us strong warriors.

I believe that seeing ourselves as constantly struggling and lacking puts us under continual stress and strain.  That pressure makes it harder and harder to be open and expansive, to love and flourish, and to ever feel whole.

When our mindset is scarcity, we are always fearful, fighting, and desperate, competing for the limited resources, attention, and love we believe there to be in the world.

When we see our world as abundant, and when we know ourselves to already be well, safe, and living in joy and peace, we are elevated.  We can be generous.  We can be compassionate, patient, and understanding.  We can be authentic and ourselves.  We are enough, we are whole, and we’re ever-expanding.

This is where meditation can be a useful tool.  To sit and quiet our racing heart and mind, to stop chasing enough to recognize all that we already have.  You are well, Dear One.  You are safe.  May you live in joy and peace, Friend.


Today, I offer you this Prompt:

Visit your “sit spot.”  Sit and notice the beauty around you.  Then focus on your breath for a minute, then on your beating heart.  Understand how safe and well you are in this moment.  Allow yourself to be present here.


Love and Thanks, Dear Spirit Guides!  Namaste.

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