May 4, 2016—Day 124 (WD 405)

Sunrise Pages May

Blessings, Glorious Universe!

My journey continues, the path unfolding as I go, created by how I go.  The way I see it, my attitude and intention carve out my path.  Or, maybe it’s that my attitude and intention affect the way I perceive this path I’m on.

I think both ideas hold Truth.

As I move on my path, I continue to check in, to notice my attitude and my choices.  I mentioned my instructor training a couple days ago, which is a goal for me.  I can see the foreboding thoughts that my lizard conjures, fear that I may not obtain the goal I wish to achieve.  But, I also notice how that kind of focus tightens and restricts me, making me less able to extend and reach for that goal.

Fear or LoveIt is my deep practice, to focus on the positive and to choose love over fear.  I recognize my concern, and the choice I have.  When I keep moving forward, when I breathe deeply and release the concern, and when I laugh and play in my learning, being present in the moment and focused on the journey, not the goal – I am choosing Love.

Love of myself, and who I can be.  Love of knowledge, experience, challenge, and life.  Love of Purpose and Fulfillment.

There’s a premise in many sports, of setting your goal beyond the obvious goal – run through first base for a base hit in baseball; run through the finish line, not to the finish line, in any kind of race; and don’t just hit the ball, hit through the ball, in golf, baseball, soccer, and other sports.

The idea is that your brain naturally starts to decelerate to stop at a goal, so seeing yourself extending through and beyond allows you to carry your full speed and momentum all the way through your goal.  I’m going to begin applying this idea of extending through and beyond to my life’s goals and intentions.


Here is Today’s Prompt:

So, let’s go through the Three Steps to achieving one of your dreams.

  1. Get clear about your dream.  Spend some time day-dreaming it into focus, getting it sharper and more clear.
  2. Turtle Steps: break it into small enough steps that you take action in your intended direction.  No action?  Cut the Turtle Step in half one more time.
  3. Visualize yourself extending through and beyond your goal.


Running the good race, swinging the good swing, playing and laughing.  Thank you, Generous and Kind Guides!

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