May 3, 2016—Day 123 (WD 404)

Sunrise Pages May

Good Morning, Grand Universe!

This morning’s air is still, the skies overcast, with brightness breaking to the east.  Everything is quiet; then, suddenly, the call of one bird begins, and soon other, different calls join in.

I walked yesterday evening, enjoying all the blooming flowers and trees with budding leaves.  Since getting some needed rain, spring has really exploded up here.

As I walked, I also heard a distinct call, and then spotted the bright yellow of a goldfinch that’s been frequenting our neighborhood.  A little later I crossed paths with a healthy-sized groundhog traversing a dirt lot in the neighborhood, while keeping an eye on what I was up to.  When he reached the edge of the lot, at the base of a large tree, he had arrived home, apparently, and disappeared down into the ground.

It doesn’t have to be some huge undertaking, or some grand expedition, to get outside to nature.  It really is as simple as stepping out your door.  Walk around your yard and through your neighborhood.  Head to a local park, garden, or greenspace.

When you put yourself outside, and notice the nature around you, it calms and soothes you, while expanding your consciousness at the same time.  It is wonderful to see an area transform through the seasons, or watch it weather a storm.

Listening to the rhythm of the rain on the land, watching the sway of trees and plants in the wind – that melody and fluid movement can soak into your soul.  Spend a few moments watching a bird or squirrel around a tree, or a bee or butterfly floating from flower to flower.  It’s good stuff!


You can give this Prompt a try:

Revisit your “sit spot.”  Notice how your spot has changed since your last visit, whether it was a season ago, a month ago, or a day ago.

Challenge yourself to do something creative to express what you notice – write a paragraph or a haiku, draw a picture, or maybe take a photo.


Nature is such a sweet gift – Thank You, Creator!

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