May 1, 2016—Day 121 (WD 402)

Sunrise Pages May

Blessings, Dear Creator!

The beginning of another day.  We think we understand what our day will probably be, but we never really know.

We think we want the day to hum along, normal and predictable; yet, the most amazing days we’ve experienced, the days that stand out and that we don’t forget, are the ones where something unusual, maybe unexpected, happened.  Those are the moments that stay with us.

Sometimes, life interrupts our normal routine.  Maybe it’s sickness, a flat tire or dead battery, or some other interruption to our weekly routine.  Normally, we react in frustration and annoyance.  Have you ever noticed that you have another choice?

I remember once I was driving with my girlfriend at the time, on a road trip to another state, when I started having car trouble.  I got off the highway, and it was clear something was wrong with the car.

My immediate concerns and frustrations were that we hadn’t gotten where we were headed, I was worried about how much it would cost to fix my car, and we were stranded.  I called my parents and asked them if they could drive the hour or more to rescue us, but I felt embarrassed.

I was irritated and agitated, fueled by all the thoughts and emotions I was having.  And that’s how I had learned to act when confronted by challenges like these.

But, for some reason, on this day, I had a new realization – the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day; I was with the person with whom I wanted to spend time; we were safe and together in a little town neither of us had ever been before; my parents were available and willing to drive up and help us out.  Things could sure be a lot worse.

Yes, I would have to figure things out about fixing my car, and that would cost something, maybe a lot.  But, right then, at that moment, I was okay.  Better than okay.  We were fine.

So, why spoil it by giving myself permission to get upset, dwell on negative thoughts, and behave badly and take these circumstances out on myself, my girlfriend, and everyone around me.

As I already stated, that’s what I had always seen, and that’s what I had always done – behaved badly.  You know – moody, upset, short-tempered, “Life is so unfair!”  Very dramatic stuff.  Which, I’ve found, is very successful at perpetuating misery and self-pity.

But, on this day, when I noticed that I could choose differently, that I could focus on what felt like good fortune – that we made it to a town, that we were together, and that someone was available to help us out – I felt light-hearted, grateful, and happy.  I was able to enjoy the moment and explore a new place.

And, I felt like a hero, for choosing differently.  All because my day went off the rails, did not go according to plan.

We often talk about the silver lining that comes with every cloud.  To me, that’s too prescribed a thought, a type of mental calisthenics to convince us to think and feel differently.  This was different.  It was more like the realization I had about my ability to choose differently really caused the whole cloud to just dissolve, so that I was simply in the light.


Try out this Prompt:

Has there been a time when you chose to behave differently than usual, to release yourself from your typical patterns of behavior?

How did that change the experience?


May I remain open to the new, and the Light, with your help, Dear Guides!

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