April 28, 2016—Day 118 (WD 399)

Sunrise Pages April

Salutations, Dear Creator and Inspiration!

Thank you for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Quite simply, this is what you give me, which contains everything.  What I’ve done and have left undone, and who I’ve been, has delivered me physically, emotionally, and spiritually to this moment, here and now.  And the continuing flow of My River, My Path, My Life, offers me an unlimited tomorrow.  When I open to this, I feel and know that there are no limits – anything is Possible.

I’ve talked before, Dear Reader, about following your curiosity, your desires, and your “hot tracks.”  Even when it may not seem logical, even when you worry what other people will think, or whether or not you’ll be good at it.

So, yesterday I met my friend Hilary at the driving range.  We work together, and when she found out that I’m a golfer, she asked if I would teach her to play, as she’s always wanted to learn.  I promised I’d help her.

I gave Hilary an 8-iron a few days ago, so she could get used to the feel of swinging a club.  We talked about the grip, and I gave here a few other tips.

So, we met at the range, and I watched Hilary at play, as she was learning this new skill.  Every once in a while, I’d mention something, but I really tried to not overwhelm her.  I wanted her to notice how things felt, so that she would begin to notice how her swing and her body felt when she made good contact, and when she didn’t.

She took a bunch of swings yesterday – practice swings learning club and body positions, as well as noticing how all the movements and positions felt, better or worse; and, she worked her way through hitting the bucket of balls.

I checked in with her a few times to see whether she was getting tired, overwhelmed, or frustrated – or all three.  These can be pretty common emotions at a driving range.

If you’re not a golfer and have never hit a bucket of balls, then you don’t know what a physical workout it can be – especially when the golf swing is a new movement for you, and you’re trying to understand and integrate all the different moving parts.

Each time I checked in with Hilary, she beamed and shared how much fun she was having.  When we finished, she was really happy, and she was already looking forward to her next lesson.

I had the pleasure of seeing Hilary pursue her curiosity and follow her intuition.  She told me how she used to accompany her brother when he would go play golf, but she had never gotten the chance to try it, and he hadn’t taken the time to help her.

But, she knew.  She had waited a long time, but she had finally gotten a golf club in her hands, hit some golf balls, and…Sure enough!  It was as fun as she had dreamed it would be!

This is what can happen when we live our life continuing to explore our curiosity and desires.  Maybe not every exploration will be this satisfying or feel this good.  But, when we don’t try, we never connect with this kind of joy.


Dear Reader, I offer you this Prompt:

What is that thing for you?  The thing you daydream about doing, until your lizard “wakes up” and tells you that thing is just not possible in your world.

When you hold that daydream in your attention, how do you feel?  Can you see the light that shines from your spirit, the joy that radiates from your heart?  This is your Truth.  Liberate your soul.

Create a turtle step toward that dream.  If you aren’t able to accomplish the step, cut it in half.  Still can’t complete it?  Cut it in half again.  Continue making the step smaller until you can easily complete it.  Then celebrate your success!


Why not dare to try it?  Why not dare to be that happy?  Your tomorrow offers you everything – even that happiness!

Thank you, Dear Guides, for accompanying me on My Journey!

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