April 25, 2016—Day 115 (WD 396)

Sunrise Pages April

Good Morning, Loving Creator!

It was a busy weekend at my retail job, learning and doing some new things.  As I’ve mentioned before, when I’m entering new, unknown territory like that, my challenge is to stay open to the experience, acknowledging that I am learning, and there are things I don’t know, and mistakes will happen.

I’ve discovered that when I get caught up in believing there’s one perfect way to go – I get stuck.

In every moment – like the kind of loss I talked about yesterday, or the struggles with my fears and doubts, the challenges I find within whatever current situation I face, or even the joyful expression in my best moments – when I start thinking that there’s a right and proper way to feel, act, and be, I freeze.

I find freedom in giving myself permission to feel whatever feelings come up, to let that feeling flow through me.  Because, I know that also allows it to carry beyond me.

When I resist and push against it, the power magnifies, like in judo.  If I get attached and hang on to it, I get stuck, and it continues in me.  When I relax, experience it, and just let it go and flow away, that is when I am the healthiest and most content.

It’s important to note that that’s true about any feeling.  It’s a trap to try and hang onto and extend our joyful, happy moments.  When we try to hang onto that, desperation and need creep in, and suddenly we are no longer free.

In all things, here’s the Truth – “This too shall pass.”  So, let it.


Today, Dear Reader, I offer you this Prompt:

For a full day, try to notice your feelings as they come.  Practice identifying and naming each one as it comes – hello anger, here’s fear, that’s envy, and now self-doubt.

Name each one and just watch what it does.


Dear Guides, taking on another adventure today.  With my open heart and your guidance.  Much Love!

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