April 11, 2016—Day 101 (WD 382)

Sunrise Pages April

Good Morning, Magical Universe!

A dull gray, cold morning.  So starts the new day, another adventure.  I work today, but who knows who I’ll meet, what opportunities will appear.

Dear Spirits, for over one hundred days in a row, and approaching four hundred altogether, I have started each morning with a blank, lined sheet of paper in front of me.  Magically, with inspiration and emotion, you have sung the Song of the Universe in my ear; you have pushed and pulled my creativity out of me, and My Truth out of My Heart, to materialize on these Sunrise Pages.  Like sculptures and paintings, you have helped me shape my words and phrases, forming a discourse on a Way of Living.

I say magical, but I am no magician.  To conjure these pages and pages is, in truth, to simply spend moment upon moment just writing.  This is no more magical, or no less mechanical, than the pitcher who throws the perfect game; than the artist who paints a masterpiece, or writer who pens a best-seller.  Than the teacher who gets through and sparks the self-belief in a struggling student, or the hospice nurse who comforts and soothes the scared, suffering patient.

No more magical than the smile we can see form on another person’s face, just by sending our love and kindness to them.

To paraphrase Einstein, “We can see magic in nothing, or magic in everything.”  We choose.

So, here’s the thing – even if you aren’t comfortable referring to these manifestations as magic, you are the creator.  And, even if you don’t feel like you deserve the credit for these creations, you are the catalyst, the vehicle.

Whatever shows up in your world, and whatever happens, you play an essential role.  By what you do, and don’t do.

While the pitcher, the artist, writer, teacher, and hospice nurse may prefer not to call themselves the creator of the wonders that manifest, those wonders would not happen without them.

It is our inspired actions that tap into the Universal Soul and Energy.  It is our personalized, creative expression of Love that lights Our World and radiates out from us to heal and comfort others.

You may prefer to not call it magic, but I do.  I’ve seen how tapping into My Truth, and creatively expressing and sharing My Love, is transformative.  It has changed others, and it has certainly changed me.  Saved me, and redeemed me, in many, many ways.

We all want to be loved, and give our love.  But, we feel vulnerable when we think about not being loved, or having our love rejected.

That’s the surface stuff, the ego stuff.  When we get out of our lizard brain and let go of our ego, we can go deeper and connect with our Higher Self, who is connected to the All, and know that absolute and endless connection is indeed founded on never-ending Love.

We are all connected.  We breathe the same air, we share the same cells.  Where one ends, another begins.  Like the cells that make up our bodies, or the atoms that make up the Universe – we are Connected.

Which, when you get right down to it, seems pretty magical.  Almost as amazing as sharing a smile!


So, here’s a Prompt you can try:

Think back over the last week – what happened that you could call “magic?”  Maybe it’s being in the right place at the right time to see an amazing sunset or a rainbow.  Maybe it’s something somebody thanked you for.

Please share some Magic in the comments!  And travel through this week keeping an eye out, and your mind open, to Magic!


With Love and Appreciation, My Dear Guides!

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