April 7, 2016—Day 97 (WD 378)

Sunrise Pages April

Greetings of Love, Dear Universe!

This morning we did not meet up and create, my Spirit Guides!  Instead, yesterday’s pages were typed up and posted this morning, and then I began with other endeavors and enterprises.

I have worked on bills and tax preparation today, and it feels good to have done that work.  But, it is late, now, and I am ready to retire.  This is also a first for the Sunrise Pages, because I am typing directly into the post.

Because change happens, and this feels like a good thing to do.

Dear Reader, I did want to ask you a question for the day.  When you read self-help articles or books with prompts and exercises, do just skip over them?  Do you tend to challenge yourself with the prompts I offer you?

Or, do you avoid the challenge, the question, the introspection?

Here’s the thing — when you tell yourself you can’t answer the prompt, because you don’t know…that’s not the whole truth.

The deeper truth is most likely stuck behind the stories you are telling yourself you are supposed to believe.  It is incredibly difficult to answer a question from your True Heart when everything you’ve been told to believe lies in direct opposition to that truth.

It’s not the time to shut down or give up.  It can be The Moment when everything changes.

If you challenge yourself to wonder.  Wonder how and why things feel out of alignment, in such disagreement.


Prompt for the Day:

Ask your True Heart what truth it would serve you to know and accept.  Then close your eyes and take three deep, calming breaths.  Imagine seeing a sheet of paper, with writing at the top.  Written there is a message for you from your True Heart.


Sweet dreams, Grand Universe!

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