April 5, 2016—Day 95 (WD 376)

Sunrise Pages April

Good Morning, Universe!

It’s a bright, beautiful winter morning.  A blanket of frost and snow sparkles in the sunshine.  It’s down to single digit temperatures this morning, with smoke and steam rising up in columns around town.

Dear Guides – thank you for your insights, supports, and companionships on My Journey.  You have guided me to my core self, where I have released a lot of my anxiety and doubts.

The beginning of that release, for me, came at a point of stuckness.  I didn’t want to be imprisoned by my fears, and I thought I “should” be able to fix myself and “just get over it.”  But, I was stuck, and telling myself I “should” be able to fix it just created more shame and doubt in me.

So, I began a practice, that each night when I went to bed, I asked My Guides to take my fear away.  I acknowledged that I wanted freedom from my fear, but didn’t know how to break free.

I wouldn’t say I am now without fear, but I have changed in the ensuing months.  And, with each effort, and each risk, I have increased my self-confidence – by what I have risked trying, and finding that I am able to do; but also, by risking, even when I haven’t succeeded, and learning that I am resilient and will survive, and that I can continue trying, learning, practicing, and improving.

But, here’s the thing – without surrendering, I’d never have gotten to a place where I could see beyond my ego, like I described yesterday.  There’s no way to move beyond the ego’s fears without facing them.  No short cuts.

Yet, once I admitted those fears, surrendered my false belief of control, and asked for help, the shackles of my fears began to loosen.

Simply by daring to do more, I feel more free, and my life is more full of adventure and life.  My Success is in the daring!


Ready for Your Prompt?

What is the thing you struggle with, telling yourself you alone “should” be able to fix it?

Surrender yourself to ask for help, even in the form of a wish or prayer.


Thank you for My Freedom, Dear Guides!

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