March 28, 2016—Day 87 (WD 368)

Sunrise Pages March

Good Morning Dear Creator,

Much appreciation for the weekend’s weather here, Universe.  Sunny and mild, it was great traveling weather.  Now it looks like we’ll be getting a cold, wet mix for much of this week, which will fill reservoirs and green up the vegetation.

Another bombing, people apparently targeted because of their religion.  It’s a failed strategy, to make others suffer to prove a point.  So, I don’t believe that’s the underlying cause.  I believe these people are suffering, and they don’t know what else to do about it, so they hurt others.

That’s what makes the efforts of so many champions of freedom who advocate non-violence so heroic – they say “No More!” to the cycle of hurt.  It is heroic, but it is also immensely practical.  Responding to wrongs, injustice, and hurt with punishment and violence simply continues the cycle of suffering and creates more victims, who may well retaliate with more punishment and violence.  It may say “an eye for an eye” in the Bible, but that just leads to a society of hurt, angry, one-eyed victims doling out retributions.

A Cycle of Fear

The only successful end to the cycle of hurt and violence is non-violence, understanding, and compassion.

Bombings are a reality, but also a hyperbole in most of our lives.  But, aren’t there other ways we retaliate?  Someone cuts in line or speaks harshly to us – do we respond with anger, or kindness?


So, here’s a Prompt for you:

Watch yourself journey through your day.  Are there moments of conflict that occur?  Can you see where you can choose not to take it personally, and choose kindness?


Thank you, Dear Guides, in helping me to choose Love!

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