March 24, 2016—Day 83 (WD 364)


O Joyful Day, Bright Universe!

I’m inspired to start with an intention for us, Dear Universe –

May we be well, you and I.

May we be safe.

May we be happy.

As I repeat these phrases and hold this intention, I know it to be true.  In the big picture, we are part of the flowing river that travels from source to sea.  The journey is as it is meant to be.

Dear Ones – like the water in the river, our stories can seem to begin at one particular time and place, to flow and end at another.  But, like water, there really is no definitive start or finish.  We transcend birth and death in many different ways – family, legacy, our influence and effect on others, our physical bodies returning to the planet, and our spiritual energy returning to the flowing River of Life.

We are One.  We are strong.  We are imminently full and happy, if we just open ourselves and allow it.

Because, the Truth is –

We are already well.

We are already safe.

We are already happy.

Life is full and beautiful all around us.  Why we construct mental barriers that separate and isolate us from the wonderful life in which we exist is as mysterious as how the seed knows to grow, how the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, how life began.

Want to perform a miracle?  Dissolve the thoughts that separate you from your Joy!

In creating joy, you’ll learn how to manifest Joy from thin air.  You’ll learn to identify, face, and then let go of the thoughts that bar you from experiencing the Wonders in your Life.

You will practice giving yourself permission to be happy.  You will risk doing poorly the things that you enjoy doing.  You will be challenged to laugh and smile.

It is not complicated, the magic of creating joy.  It’s about learning a different way of thinking and moving through this world.

Imagine if you were in a pool, constantly trying to move by walking through water.  You knew it was hard and there was so much resistance, but it was the only way you knew to do it, and it was what everyone around you did, also.

Then, someone came along and showed you that you could also swim through the water.  How much easier, how much more fun would that be?

Imagine if there were birds that didn’t realize they could fly, so they walked everywhere.  Then, some flying birds showed up, telling the walking birds that they, too, could fly.  Tough work for a walking bird, to believe he is able to fly, when all he’s ever known and believed before was walking.  What would it take for that bird to fly?

But, you’ve experienced joy before, I’m sure.  Remember a moment when everything seemed as it should and your heart felt full.  Sit and remember the details of that experience – the smells, sights, and sounds.  Does it make you tingle to go there?

Perhaps it’s a fullness of satisfaction in yourself.  Or, a full-hearted connection with another.  Maybe you had a view of the world, or the look from a baby, that showed you your belonging in this World.

Go back into that moment; let it come back to life.  See the light of that day, hear the sounds around you.  Breathe in the scented air from that exact moment in time.  That is your Joy.

The fact that you can conjure that Joy is not fantasy; it’s not pretend.

You carry that recognition of Joy with you as the innate knowledge that you have the ability to reconnect with the Joy around you, in your life.

It is the Truth and Wisdom, that you can swim through the water, that the bird can fly through the air.

Sure, it takes practice – practice to see the world in a different way, and practice exercising your Joy muscles.

That is what The Joy Diet is about, a study of ten behaviors that train you to move joyfully.  Like learning to swim, or learning to fly, it’s a different way to move, and it takes practice.

What makes me think you can do this?  Because you’ve succeeded before.  I’m betting you’ve probably learned to ride a bike or tie your shoes.  Some task where you went from not knowing, to trying and practicing.  And, at some point, there was a shift.  Suddenly, you could do it.

Have you watched babies crawl?  You see them reaching and pulling themselves up, trying to sustain their balance and take steps.  They fall, and go right back to trying.  Ah, to be free from discouragement over failure!

That baby was you, and me, once.  Struggling to balance, daring to step.  Curiously, playfully trying again and again.

Then, in a moment, it all changed.  And, here we are, walking, talking beings – about to take on creating joy.


Dear Reader, I offer you this prompt:

Do the remembrance exercise.  Sit and return to a time of joy in your life.  Reclaim it, and give yourself permission to have joy now.

Then, repeat the two intentions of wellness to yourself.


Bursting with Love, My Dear Guides!

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