March 23, 2016—Day 82 (WD 363)

Sunrise Pages March

Peace and Love, Dear Universe –

The sun has risen on this new day, and there is a haze hanging in the air.  The birds are singing their morning songs.  I am grateful for this day and the unlimited possibilities ahead.

In which direction will these writings go today?  Dear Guides, I feel connected to Truth; I feel Free.

I remember the uphill battle it is to realize the Freedom of Truth.  My lizard brain would see trouble and danger everywhere, triggering his urge for fight-or-flight.  My social self worried about fitting in, and being appropriate and cool; about finding acceptance, approval, and love.  And, my essential self was concerned with my integrity and spirit – was I walking the walk, was I in alignment with my Truth and Intentions?

All those parts of me still continue on.  They each are a part of me and have their purpose and their role to play in how I show up and move through this life.  And, they each offer a different perspective of whatever time and space I find myself, in my life.  With their unique perspectives, they can each tell me a different story.

Have you realized this, Dear Reader?  That there are so many different ways we can tell ourselves our stories – changing emphasis, focus, perspective.  Even changing where the story begins and ends.

So, how do we know which story is true?  Use this as the Rule of Truth from your One True Self – your true story is the one that sets you free, that “liberates your soul,” as Martha Beck says.

How does this work?  Well, let me share a period of time from my life.

My lizard brain liked to describe for me how cruelly and unfairly all our loved ones get sick, suffer, and die.  Also, he would enumerate all the failures I’ve had in my life, stressing my vulnerabilities and warning me of the danger in risking.

At the same time, my social self was telling me to wear masks and armor, to hide and protect myself; because I was a failure, and people who fail are not worthy; they are not loved.  I needed to mask my failure; I had to be phony and pretend I wasn’t a failure. This made me more vulnerable and worried, because I feared being “revealed” at any moment, and cast out.  I had to armor myself and my heart against the hurt of everyone’s judgment and rejection.

Of course, this all ran in direct opposition with my essential self, who was expecting me to live in integrity, in alignment with my truth and purpose.

Have you ever heard these stories, Dear Reader?  Can you recognize the sands and seeds of Truth in all of it?  Which makes it easier to swallow the whole, wicked pill.

None of these stories, obviously, made me free.  Was there another way to tell my story that would deliver me, liberate my soul?  Did I have the right to consider another version?  Did I need permission?

In moments of stillness and quiet, the small voice of hope in my heart asked me to try.

So, I tested to just see if there was a story that didn’t hurt so much.

I have failed a lot.  We all do.  But, failing is absolutely how we learn and grow.  I’ve learned a lot, and grown a lot.  And, I still continue to.

I suffer, get sick, and will die.  My loved ones do, too.  In fact, everyone does.  We all share this journey.  And, we can all help each other home.

When I have been phony, I have isolated myself more, especially from my own Integrity.  Deep down, the love and compassion connecting us all cannot be broken.  Love and Compassion, for myself and all others, keeps me on My Path.

This is my Truth.  This is My Story.


Today’s Prompt:

Write a part of your story that you are being told from your lizard brain, your social self, and your essential self.

Is there another version of this story that is as true or truer, and sets you free?


Always Love.  Always Compassion.  Thank You, Universe!

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