March 20, 2016—Day 79 (WD 360)

Sunrise Pages March

Great Morning, Dear Universe!

Well, we’ve made it to another Spring, at least according to the calendar.  The sun is certainly higher in the sky, and each day has more daylight.  Seasonal allergies and all, I’m excited to see the green growth of Spring.

Speaking of a new season, and rebirth and change, I’ve picked the dates for my program, creating joy.  Starting Tuesday, April 12th, there will be a weekly 60-minute group call Tuesday evenings at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.  Each week, we will come together to share and discuss our adventures in living and playing with the exercises from the previous week, and then we’ll introduce and discuss the new chapter.

You will also have access to email coaching with me.  Once each week, you may email your program-related questions, concerns, issues, or problems to me, and I will offer support and guidance to help you navigate on your new journey.  I want to see you change and create joy in your life.  I want to help you succeed.

When you enroll, you will also be invited to schedule an Intention Session with me – this will be a 15-minute conversation where we can get to know each other, and where I want to learn what joy means to you, and for you to declare what you want from the course.

creating joy, the 10-week course to making change happen – is $100.

I’m still working on the enrollment page, but you don’t have to wait for it.  In fact, I’ve decided to offer an Early Bird pre-enrollment registration price of $50 – that’s half price.  Just contact me at and say “Yes!” to creating joy in your life.  Once the enrollment page is posted, this deal ends.

I’m definitely excited about this program, and I’m looking forward to the gathering of people, and the energy that will be generated by this community.  Creatively, it is a full, flowing river that I am finally daring to enter.


Yesterday, Dear Reader, I created, I wrote, I read, and I rested.  I also got outside and ran.

I am not a fast runner.  And, that’s okay with me.  But, I am a runner.

I became a runner on August 30, 2012.  I know that, because that was the day after I stopped drinking.  Running was the activity suggested by Mike, my life coach, to replace my drinking.  I remember laughing, a bit uncomfortably, saying, “I can’t possibly run as much as I spend time now drinking, or thinking about drinking.  Oh, and by the way – I hate running!”

But, that was my challenge.  I chose to quit drinking, and the running was something into which I could put that time and energy.  I researched “running” on the internet, because I’m a fact-finder.  One article I read espoused a philosophy that I found powerful toward my goal.

Now, maybe you’ll agree, maybe not, but the idea was that what it took to be a runner – all it took – was to go out and run.  Even fifty feet.

Then you are a runner.  So, then you can go again then next day and run another fifty feet.  Or, maybe a little farther.

There was also another roadblock that I chose to acknowledge.  The belief that people would see me out there “trying” to run, and they would judge me.

Have you ever worried about that?  That you would try to learn something new, but while you were still awkward and uncomfortable learning it, people would judge you, telling you that you were no good?  Do you remember the shame and embarrassment you felt?  Did you vow you’d never let that happen again?

Well, I certainly had.  So, I now had a choice to make – learn and practice running, and risk judgment and embarrassment; or not even try, allowing myself to fail and sabotaging my sobriety.

So, what did I do?  I stitched together pieces of Truth to find the courage to get out there.  First – the Truth that all I had to do is run, just once, and then I would be a runner.

Second – the Truth that most people are too concerned about themselves to even notice me out running.  I probably should be more concerned about not being seen and getting hit by a car, than worrying about what “everybody” is thinking about me and my running.

Third – there might very well be some people who judge me ridiculous or hopeless when I’m out there running.  But, I opened my mind to allow another Truth – that for every person who might think that way, there would also be a person who saw me out there, trying running, and they would be inspired and encouraged to hope, to move, and maybe to run.

I remember those first days – it was a lot, just to run a whole mile, and then more.  I haven’t gotten a lot quicker, but yesterday was five miles.  And, for me, it’s not how far or how fast.  I just run.  Because I’m a runner!

creating joy can be like that – persevering through the awkward learning period; practicing, developing, and changing.  And, having a community and a coach can make a big difference.


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