March 19, 2016—Day 78 (WD 359)

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Oh Happy Day, Great Creator!

Well, today sure looks like the definition of a “beautiful day!”  I chuckled when I checked the forecast for today and the description read simply, “Plenty of sunshine.”  Sitting by the window, writing, it’s cozy – downright toasty.  Which is a little deceptive, because the high temperature will only be in the 30’s, and right now it’s in the 20’s with a pretty good wind making it feel about 17°F.

And, tomorrow’s the first day of spring!  It makes me smile, Dear Universe!  Thank you for the surprises and gifts that continue to be present in this wonderful life of mine.  Humble thanks.

Dear Reader, let me share something with you.  I’m not working at my retail job today, and my energy and anticipation about the day is really different from the many days when I do work there.  Admittedly, one factor this morning is that I got a little more sleep.  Rest is so important (as my wife keeps reminding me).

I am also determined, today, to commit to the schedule for creating joy.  I’m really excited about embarking on this journey with you.  I know it will be fun, informative, and transformative.  I’m looking forward to forming a community that is joy-based and adventure-bound, exploring the limits and potential of ourselves and our World.  We will play and discover, dare and grow!

I’ve shared with you some of my experiences, how living a Joyful, Purposeful Life can conjure magic.  Like my visits from the cedar waxwings and my Bald Eagle experience.  Here’s another to add to the list.

I recently received an advanced reader copy of Martha Beck’s new book, Diana, Herself, available April 25th.  So, each night, after I’ve typed up and posted the day’s Sunrise Pages, I’ve been settling into bed and reading from Martha’s book.  Most nights I don’t read for very long, as I’m usually pretty tired, and it’s pretty late.

Flashback to two days ago, working at my retail job.  It was a lovely, warm day, so I went outside on my first break, and sat overlooking the river.  As I ate a snack, a chipmunk raced up from behind me and parked itself on the root of a tree only ten feet away, looking right at me.  For a good five minutes we sat, me eating my granola bar, and it looking right at me with those big, clear chipmunk eyes.

“Wow!” I thought.  But, I also chalked it up to the chipmunk’s interest, perhaps, more in my granola bar than me.

Then, on my last break four hours later, I was again walking outside, along a different section of the river.  Up between two rocks emerged a chipmunk (maybe the same one?), who sat on one of the rocks, again maybe ten feet away, just looking back at me.  Not nervous or skittish, just watching me; taking me in.  And me, it.

Also, no snack this time, just me and the chipmunk.

Fast forward to last night, in Diana, Herself, and Diana (the heroine of the story) has almost the exact same communing experience with a chipmunk, right down to the chipmunk standing steady on a close tree trunk, just looking back.  Diana, though, is able to feel the chipmunk’s rapid, pulsing heart and talk with the chipmunk.  But, still.

There is much in this book that connects with the hot tracks that I’ve been following.  Fire-starting, for example.  Survival skills.  Going deeper within, with stillness and love.  This book seems to have appeared at a really good time for me.  Coincidence?


My offer of a Prompt:

What are some of your hot tracks – ideas and activities that pique your interest and pull you further toward them?  Can you list five?  Ten?


Thanks for encouraging My Magic, Spirit Guides!  Namaste!


P.S.  Here’s the first announcement for creating joy

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