March 18, 2016—Day 77 (WD 358)

Sunrise Pages March

Forward into the New Day, Dear Guides!

This morning the birds are awake and chirping, including a distinct call that I do not know.  The morning light is quite interesting, although I wouldn’t describe it as beautiful; at least, not to my eye.  There are storm and snow clouds to our south as a cold front moves in, and the sun on the eastern horizon rose just under the thick clouds; so the contours in the blanket of clouds to the south were lit from above, below, and within, producing a palette of mauves, grays, blues, and violets.  The colors were all based in a dirty, dark gray, and the lighting and color variations were bewildering.

Just another example of the variety of wonders you provide, Great Universe!

Yesterday, Dear Guides, was a bit of an odd ride.  For the first time, I left my Morning Pages unfinished.  Which is to say, I stopped abruptly, without closure and without ending at the bottom of a page.  I was struggling with articulating the structure of my program, because there are particulars that I am still determining.

Then, it was time to get ready for work – so, the writing just got left where it was.  It was unsettling for me, feeling like I was leaving my work unfinished; which, you probably will understand, is against one of my many self-imposed and self-enforced rules.  Yet, somehow I survived, and the work survived, and an entry was posted (with a closing) last night.

Such is the complexity of Joyful Work.  It’s not always pretty, or easy, or packaged up with a bright bow.  It can be like today’s morning light – fascinating and worthwhile, with a lot going on.  Maybe it’s not pretty or easy to understand, but rewarding in all that it offers, and in what we gain in being connected with it, in witnessing all of its complexities.

Dear Reader, we are each on a Journey of the Soul.  Even if we are only beginning to be conscious of this journey, it began long ago.

That question – “What is My Purpose?” – is the fundamental course for our journey.  Once we ask that question, we begin to realize that we are meant to journey, to seek a destination – that We Have a Purpose to Discover.  To Remember.  To Reconnect and Reunite With.

This period, when we know we have a Purpose, but we don’t yet know what it is, when we are still searching, can be the most difficult.

After all, we’re talking about throwing out all the old rules with which we were raised, and by which we have been navigating our lives.  To adopt a whole new Way of Navigating, mid-journey – just because the old way doesn’t seem to be working.

(I mean, how scary is it, and maybe irrational, when everyone around us is living a certain way, aiming toward goals of status and stuff, all within a society that celebrates status and stuff; that we even consider trashing that navigation system – just on Faith?)

The answer, though, is within that knowing, within that Faith.  The answers, Our Answers, are already within Our Heart.  We just need practice being still and patient, learning to listen to Our Heart.  The direction to go, and how to navigate each step of our journey, is communicated to us through Our Heart and Our Body.  We just have to listen.

Joy is Our Heart and Body saying “Yes!” to the direction we are traveling.

creating joy will strengthen and deepen your ability to know Your Joy, to choose Your Joy, and to navigate Your Soul’s Journey.

Your Heart is speaking to you.  It’s time to learn to listen.


Ready for Today’s Prompt?

Top 10 List: Pro vs. Con.

List your Top 10 reasons for and against learning to navigate using Joy and Your Heart as your Navigation System.


Great Guides, I am honored by your inspiration.  Blessings!

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