March 17, 2016—Day 76 (WD 357)

Sunrise Pages March

Greetings, Glorious Universe!

Thank you for the Wonder of the World around me.  Yesterday was good and full of achievement; today presents so much opportunity.  It is up to me to reach out and grab what is offered.

What are these pages about, after all?  I write each day, seeking…

“What is My Purpose?”  “What am I here to do?”

Have you asked yourself these questions?  Wondered if it’s possible for you to do more and be more?  Dreamed what that might look like, feel like?

We all have potential – untapped energy, compassion, and creativity that can enable us to do full-hearted, Purposeful things.

When we stay small and safe, following the ruts of each day before, our days stay the same, our fears stay the same, and our experiences stay the same.

If we want to tap our Potential; if we want our lives to change and expand – we have to explore into the unknown; we have to dare getting uncomfortable.

The Joy Diet is an exercise regime for tapping that potential.  The program has weekly exercises to strengthen your self-awareness, challenge your self-doubt, build your self-confidence, and move forward in the world in a brave and open-hearted way that magnifies the joy in your heart, your life, and all around you.

The creating joy program is geared toward taking you farther and deeper into The Joy Diet.  I will work together with you to get clear on the intentions of each week’s focus, and to help you stay on track and follow through doing each week’s exercises.  I will also provide you with encouragement as well as accountability, helping you stay true to your intention throughout this program of learning, development, and change.

I want you to succeed.  I want you to unlock your Door to Joy and tap into your Potential.

On your own, it’s easy to go through each chapter of a book like this, reading the explanations and exercises, nodding your head in agreement, and then just moving on to the next chapter.  Avoiding doing the real work.

I get it.  I’ve struggled with that, too.  And, I found the best fix for me was to partner up, creating accountability and gaining a community.  When we can share our struggles and successes, it makes our journey easier.

I’m really looking forward to working with you in my upcoming creating joy program, and I hope you are, too.  Enrollment will open soon.


Today’s Prompt:

What are three things you would like to change by enrolling in creating joy?

What are the roadblocks that you foresee?


Spirit Guides, you help me soar Higher and Farther.  Onward!

Please, Join In and Share--