March 11, 2016—Day 70 (WD 351)

Sunrise Pages March

Brightest Creator, Thank You for Another Day!

Today I am grateful for –

  • The cardinals that sat below my window this morning, chirping their greetings to the day, and maybe to me.
  • All the songs of all the other birds, twirling and blending this morning.
  • The ability, strength, and tenacity to go for a run yesterday, in the rain.  And grateful that it was warm enough to not be miserable when soaking wet, that plenty of birds and their calls were out and about, and that I noticed the bright jewels of budding pussy willows, wet and shining, reflecting the gray overcast skies.
  • My wife, who tolerates, encourages, and loves me in different ways, big and small, every day.


And, I am grateful for you, who have found a home for these words that I send out in exploration and discovery.  Whether you stumbled upon this post through happenstance or a friend’s recommendation, or you are one of the dear readers who routinely returns – your reading of my words completes a connection.

It’s like an electric circuit – my energy and inspiration takes this form, and I’m willing to offer it outward, unsure what may happen and where it may go.  Maybe nothing will happen; maybe it will go nowhere.

But, maybe something will.  “The only failure is in not trying.” – Turtle & Lama.

When you read my creation, and bring it into your life and your consciousness, you complete the circuit.  Energy, ideas, and Spirit can flow!


Today’s Prompt:

Occupations, Part III: Consider the paragraphs you created yesterday.  What is one small part of one of those other lives that you could invite into this life?

Create an artist’s date with yourself in the next week to explore that invitation.


Blessings abound, Great Spirits!  Thank you for helping me see!

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