March 9, 2016—Day 68 (WD 349)

Sunrise Pages March

Start of a Brand New Day, Bright Universe!

Yesterday was full and fulfilling, much as I had hoped.  Thank you, Guides, for keeping me in tune with my body and spirit, my goals and intentions.  I dreamed and created with my program, I got outside for a run to move and improve on a gorgeous day, I meditated, and I did some household chores.

What was really nice was that I felt truly present for a lot of it.  Sure, there were moments when my head would be somewhere else; thinking about things other than what was right in front of me and what I was actually doing.  But, even then there was a freedom to drift, allowing creativity and imagination some open water.

Did I get done all that I hoped to complete?  Let’s face it – I don’t know if there’s ever a time when we think “everything” is done.  Personally, I think it’s a magical motivator for us, to have dreams and intentions ahead of us, always keeping us leaning forward.

Once again, I’m drawn to the image of me sliding along a spectrum, just trying to find the sweet spot that keeps things in balance.  Because, at the same time as I want to be fully engaged and present with where I am and what I’m doing, I also love that I’m curious and drawn toward things new and unknown, willing to be uncomfortable exploring new territory.

Like out on my run yesterday, I had the presence of my body, how I felt and where I was.  I noticed the temperature, the sun and wind, the mud and ice on the trail, the river’s sparkle and music alongside, and the symphony of birdcalls.

But, I also allowed my mind to dance with ideas about my Joy Diet program – to play with visions of format and structure, audience, description, and communication.  Some ideas will work, some won’t.  Some of the ideas are creative and challenging, but need to be set aside for now.

It reminds me to continually use different perspectives as a tool to motivate, improve, and move forward.  Mouse view and eagle view.  It’s really important for me, though, to not trap or overwhelm myself by misusing my perspectives.

I talked before about how My General and Wild Child can either work against each other to keep me stuck, or complement each other and propel me onward.  Likewise for my mouse and eagle view.  It’s about finding that sweet spot where eagle view pulls me forward, toward new horizons and higher peaks, but mouse view keeps me focused on awareness of what is present, appreciating the moment, and managing my self-care so that I am healthy and well to continue onward.

I need both and can use both to tap motivation and direction.  But, when they get out of sorts and out of balance, I can get lost.

It’s about not just being – but noticing if it’s My Wild Child or The General speaking to me; if I’m in mouse view or eagle view.  It’s about me being The Observer – the one who simply witnesses it all.


So, here’s a prompt for you:

List five occupations you would love to be if you knew you had five more lives and could do anything you wanted in those lives.


Dear Universe, Thank You for the Ever-Flowing River.  Onward!

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