March 8, 2016—Day 67 (WD 348)

Sunrise Pages March

Greetings, My Bright and Shining Guides!

I have hopes for today – of productivity, creativity, and invention, but also rest and recharge.  How can I do all that?  Well, consider this as a formal request for help, Spirits.

I aim to stay tuned in to my soul’s rhythm today, to move when I need to move, to play creatively and create playfully, and to allow myself to glide and drift downstream.

One of my missions today is spending time creating the Joy Diet program I will be offering soon.  It’s exciting to move from idea to program, from a collection of ideas to an articulated, formulated structure.

I want to communicate to you, Dear Reader, what this program will be and how it will work.  To communicate that, the vision has to be clarified and decisions have to be made.

Like anything else, this won’t happen all at once, but taking that first step is essential. And so, here goes –

(In my written pages is a little sketch of that first step.)


I’ve dreamed up a title.  I’ve got a loose concept of the structure.  I need to commit to dates and times for the program, and for enrollment.

Like the things I’ve been doing this year, there is the point when it’s time for me to stop thinking and analyzing, and just dive in.


A Prompt for today:

Take 30 seconds and try to list ten reasons you’d love to add more joy into your life.  Then, take another 30 seconds and list some reasons why you can’t add joy to your life.  Take a minute and look at both lists, and notice the thoughts and feelings that come up for you.


Dear Guides, I’m open to Your Creative Flow!  Let’s Go!

Please, Join In and Share--