March 7, 2016—Day 66 (WD 347)

Sunrise Pages March

Greetings, My Guides –

I’ve run out of new salutations to start off each morning’s Pages, Dear Ones.  I hope you don’t mind the repetition.  My sentiment is still the same – to declare my gratitude and attention to your presence and your gifts of the moments that will construct my day.

How many ways are there to say thank you?

The sunrise was a fiery red above the tree lined silhouette of the horizon.  Beautiful, but ominous, if there’s any stock in the old adage, “Red in the morning, sailors take warning.”  They’re calling for a wintry mix this morning, and then the wind shifts and warmer air is expected to change things over to possible showers.  It’s a bit of a gloomy day.

Even so, I’ve been enjoying how stormy weather swells and impacts the river that runs behind where I work.  I’ve been enjoying it on my breaks, and it is something to see its increase in volume and energy after storms.  Without snow cover in the area, though, I imagine it will run pretty low during the summer.

Playing with metaphor, there’s this wisdom that there is always some gift, some benefit we gain from the storms in our life.  That as challenging and perhaps undesirable as the storms may be, they are the necessary source of recharge for us.  We become who we are through their master-sculpting of us, requiring that we tap in to our heart and commitment to weather our storms.  It is by being our True, Authentic Self that we emerge from the storms.  But, we emerge filled, and stronger and more self-assured.


A prompt for the day:

Reflect on the storms you’ve endured in your life.  How have they changed and shaped you, and what have you learned?


Thank you for Peace and Love, Spirits, today and every day!

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