March 3, 2016—Day 62 (WD 343)

Sunrise Pages March

Good Morning, Sunshine!

It’s a crisp morning, the temperature at 10°F, with a breeze bringing the wind chill below zero.  But, the sun is shining, and the songbirds are chirping hello.

Aren’t they cold?  How do they do it?  Well, I sure am grateful that they do – hearing their songs, or catching a glimpse of them flitting about from branch to branch, brings a smile to my face.

Once again, Dear Creator, I find myself in silent gratitude for All of It; some consciously, and, I’m sure, some registering deeper within my heart of gratitude.  Thank you for the sunshine, and my ability to see it; for those chirps and tweets, and my ability to hear them; for the sensation of the sun’s warmth on my face and the tingle of cold on my skin, and my ability to feel both, even at the same time.



And deeper gratitude, that I am guided to sit still enough, often enough, to allow these sensations to soak in, deep into my heart and my bones.  This is how I grow learn build deepen and fortify my root structure that nourishes and supports me!  Like a tree – it’s not just about growing tall into the sunshine above other trees; it is necessary to develop deep, interconnected roots to tap water and nutrients, and anchor myself at the base.

There’s much that I wish to share with you, Dear Reader.  I wonder if you’ve played with the prompts that I’ve offered.  How is that going?  Have any doors opened; has anything flickered and appeared that caught you by surprise?  It’s really easy to dismiss those unexpected, non-routine awarenesses – precisely because they don’t fit in with our pre-programmed, auto-pilot, follow-the-rut-in-the-road approach to living.

Here’s the thing – I suspect you are here, reading these posts, because you absolutely want to change something in or about your life.  And, maybe that’s not even clear to you.  Maybe you read each day’s post just because it brings a little joy to your day.

I believe that’s because what I’m discussing: integrity and hope; the power of choice; overcoming our fears; our ability to change; and listening to Our Heart, walking Our Path, and living Our Divine Purpose – resonates deep within your Loving Heart.

“O Nobly born, remember your radiant true nature.”

So, when you play with the prompts, and you get the flicker of something that just doesn’t fit within the life and thinking you have right now – you know, the stuff that deep down you want to change for the better – that is the Magic, the Hope…the small voice of Your Loving Heart.

Don’t dismiss that odd, unexpected thought.  Stop.  Look at it.  Wonder about it.  Ask yourself playfully – “Well, why would that show up?”

The first prompt I offered ended with the photograph of a covered bridge, and I requested you caption it with a metaphor – “How is this bridge like this moment in my life?”  When I looked at it this morning, the thought it conjured was “bunny rabbit.”


Bunny rabbit.  Then, I remembered the soft, fuzzy bunny bank I had as a child.  I loved holding it, the way it felt; and, it looked so real to me.  Like the rabbits I would spy in our yard, or later at the golf course.  Amazing nature, and the feeling I would get, seeing a rabbit or two camouflaged, unless I slowed down enough to notice them.  And, this triggered me to remember my walk a couple days ago, down the nature trail nearby.  I was returning, when I noticed (again!) a group of cedar waxwings in the berried branches aside the trail.

“Maybe these waxwings are just really common around here; nothing special,” I thought.

Then, at that moment, a groundhog crossed the trail about thirty yards ahead of me.

Now, I’m sure groundhogs are common around here; but, I don’t see them every day.  This, in fact, was the first groundhog I’ve seen since we moved up here.

Was it coincidence that the groundhog appeared right when I was questioning the magic I’ve imagined from the appearance of the waxwings?

So, what’s my point?  This is the playful thread of thoughts that manifested this morning, when I looked at the image of the covered bridge and asked the question, “How is this bridge like this moment in my life?”

One hunch I have that feels like a god good (interesting, that I wrote “god” first) fit, is that the bridge is the connection that leads to all sorts of wonder.  Likewise, when I get outside, even just in my backyard or the nature trail nearby; my choice to put myself there, observing and believing, invites and manifests the simple, beautiful magic and moments I hope for and want in my life.

And, that is fuel to keep me doing that; getting out, seeing with these eyes, listening with these ears, and witnessing with this consciousness – All The Magic Around Me and Within Me.

Today’s Prompt:

So, I invite you to play with The Covered Bridge Metaphor.  And, if so inclined, I would love it if you would share your metaphor in the comments below.



Also, would you consider sharing this post, and others you like, on social media; so that we can share the kindness and extend the ripples outward?  Thanks.

Peace and love, My Guides; including Bunnies and Groundhogs!

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