March 2, 2016—Day 61 (WD 342)

Sunrise Pages March

Peace and Stillness, Great Guides –

It’s a dark, stormy morning outside; a good day to hunker down and stay in; relax and stay safe.  I’ll go in to work in a little while, heading out early so I can take my time, and I have only a few miles to go.

Such are the small decisions that can change our lives, sometimes in big ways.  We can never fully know the extent of our choices.  Only by living them do we see a fuller picture; but, even then, we’ll never know how the ripples we create change the lives and world around us.

We are each triumphant, magical beings.  Every day we emerge from our dreams into our physical body with skin and bones, aches and pains, and all other sorts of limitations and frustrations.  Our lizard brain sees the world around us full of risk and danger; loss and suffering; scarcity and struggle.

Yet, each day, we triumph when we face our physical pains and limitations; when we challenge our alarms of danger about the physical world around us; when we overcome our emotional risk of disconnection with others, fearing their judgment and disapproval.

Some days, we triumph by just getting out of bed and getting dressed.  By going out and honoring our obligations.  By holding back our mean, charged comments when we are in a dark, ugly mood.  By not hurting others when and because we are hurting.  By not numbing and self-medicating with alcohol and other drugs.

Other days, we triumph when we grow still and quiet, even for a moment, to hear the soft, small voice of our heart.  We triumph when we trust and hope, by opening our heart wide, courageously inviting others to see and share.  We risk disconnection and failure, sure; but, we will discover that holding our heart open is the necessary step to building the connection to the World that we are meant to have.

Then there are days when we triumph because we risk following our deepest passions and living our greatest Purpose.  We open fully our heart, mind, and spirit to the direction of our North Star.  We allow inspiration from the Universe to uniquely and creatively form and express through our talents, voice, and light, to shine, guide, and inspire others to open their hearts, share their voice, and shine their Light!

I have been through each of these kinds of days.  And, it is not one-directional; there are days when I’m back in Square One, just talking myself into getting up, showered, and dressed.

It is still triumph.

But, the thing you will likely find is that the more you allow yourself to hope for a better, happier, healthier self; the more choices you will make to create that for yourself.  It’s still a rocky, rough road.  And, there will still be low points.  But, your hope can buoy your spirit, can connect you with kind souls, and can give you the courage to partner up to climb out of the darkness.  Brave is the one who gets help to do the thing they cannot do alone.


A prompt for today:

Think back the last seven days.  In the first column, write down your biggest triumph of the day for each day.  In the second column, list what you had to overcome to accomplish what you did.

  1.                                                                                 1.
  2.                                                                                 2.
  3.                                                                                 3.
  4.                                                                                 4.
  5.                                                                                 5.
  6.                                                                                 6.
  7.                                                                                 7.


Guides, thank you for encouraging me to find partners and to be a partner.  Blessings, Spirits!

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