February 27, 2016—Day 57 (WD 338)

Sunrise Pages February

Dear Compassionate Creator,

Thank you for this bright day; the cold, clear night; and the rest I received within both.  You are generous with All you offer; yet, I continue to be stingy about what I allow myself.

Dear Guides, please help me.  Help me to be more focused and structured on my end-of-day process of typing and posting, so that I get to bed earlier, for more sleep each night.  Because, “Rest is Soul Food” – Turtle & Lama.

Rest is Soul Food

My goal today is to follow up on my reflection of my 2015, which I did a couple weeks ago.  If you recall, I focused on the quality of my experiences and practices last year, realizing that my mission has been to become a peaceful soul.

I have thought about my reflection work since, and I find myself drawing comparison to the process of a job review.  Not that I’ve received many in my many years of service.  Certainly, a part of that may simply be the many years I worked for one independent business owner, and reviews weren’t part of his practice.  But, then I worked for a corporation where annual reviews were mandatory; yet, I only received one in eight years.  This, I think, is unfortunate; because, it creates ambiguity for the employee, to know whether she/he is meeting the expectations of the employer.

Too often I’ve seen, because of no review process, employees who are doing exemplary work going unacknowledged, while employees with performance or attitude issues continuing poor practices, also unaddressed.  On the one hand, the employee who is doing well may start to feel taken for granted; on the other, the disruptive employee is not given clear expectations or corrective counseling, so assumes his/her performance is acceptable, and the problem continues and, often, grows worse.

To my understanding, the first part of the review process is reflection, looking back; the second part is expectation, looking ahead.  My reflection was qualitative rather than quantitative, for reasons I have already shared.

For my expectations, I see them as being more quantitative goals, at least professionally.  For me, I think that will provide a more stable framework with which to work, and prove more motivating.

This is quite an experiment, so I also foresee my self-review next year including critique on the review process from this year.

So, I’m going to keep it simple, categorizing my focus on just the personal and professional.  As a side note, there’s already some stickiness I feel, caused by a struggle with which I am familiar – recognizing a separation of identity between me and the business: Sunrise Journeys.  So, for right now, I’m going to strive to keep my professional expectations focused on me, the life coach, and not on what happens with Sunrise Journeys this year.  That may be a future task.

Clear as mud – right?

So, as a life coach, this year I expect to –

  • Continue writing and sharing Sunrise Pages, blogging most days in a way that shines My Light, shares My Voice, and exemplifies my coaching skills and style
  • Incorporate video and audio recordings as a way to share offerings and content, and to create pathways of connection with people
  • Have Courageous Conversations with people, a chance for them to explore coaching with me – Goal: at least 50
  • Create defined programs with clear intentions
  • Create group offerings, including one that walks the group through The Joy Diet
  • Create a community
  • Create a live presentation for groups
  • Take my work on the road – travel to do coaching and presentations
  • Create sustainability – financially, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually – that enables me to continue creating, and providing service, help, and offerings to this community and those needing the help and support I can provide

Professionally, otherwise, this year I expect to –

  • Work in a professional manner, continuing with the priority of being a kind, peaceful soul
  • Be generous and compassionate with the people I serve, as well as the people with whom I work
  • In all things, at all times, be in my Integrity; living and working in the TAO (transparent, authentic, and open)
  • Get outdoors, expand my knowledge and experience in the outdoors, and share my passion


Personally, this year, I expect to –

  • Continue on my path to becoming a kind, peaceful soul
  • Practice self-care, tuning in to keep myself grounded and connected physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – maintain balance
  • Continue to push myself to be curious and creative, to try new things and new ways of doing things
  • Not allow fear of failure to stop me
  • Get out, socially, building and expanding my community *(different from professionally)
  • Travel to a place I’ve never been
  • De-clutter and simplify, even a little bit every day
  • Spend a great amount of time outdoors, both in movement and in stillness
  • Create, create, create
  • Don’t wait


So, what do you think today’s prompt might be?  Feeling ready to do your own self-review?  How about starting by deciding your categories – I chose Professional and Personal.  Jeannine included a third, Family.  Some people include Financial, Relationships, Spiritual/Religious, Creativity, Health, etc.

Make a list of the separate areas of your life on which you choose to focus.


This has been a helpful start for me, Great Guides!  Thank you.  Ever Onward!

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