February 25, 2016—Day 55 (WD 336)

Sunrise Pages February

Diving into Another Day, O Magical Guides!

I’m still figuring out the balance of my journey with these Pages, Dear Creator.  Almost two months in, and I’m still struggling with finding a balance point and routine for writing in the morning, and then typing them up at night to post; while doing all the other things I do in my life.

I am pleased, though, that I have shown up consistently with these Pages; and, in these Pages.  I feel I’ve often connected with the Energy and Flow of the Spirit around me and within me, to share my Heart and Voice with you.  I’ve shown different sides of myself – small and big, scared and courageous, lost and grounded, unsure and faithful.  Because that is Who I Am, and that is the human condition – we are all these things, on different levels, at the same time.

Throughout this journey, I have had the Universe guiding me and transporting me with the Flow.  At times, My Guides have directly dialogued with me in these Pages, offering wisdom and a Sacred Shared Space where I could open myself to myself.

I am grateful to have been brought here, and to be doing this practice.  I am learning and understanding more of myself, my writing, my Voice, and My Deeper Purpose.

I am grateful and, frankly, amazed that I am getting up and doing this brave thing every day.  I remember how scared I was, the notion of doing this – the intent of putting myself out in the World without masks and armor; just pure, Honest me – imperfect and vulnerable.  I even spent some days presenting to myself a myriad of reasons and excuses why I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it – ranging from “nobody would read these posts,” to “people would judge me as selfish and self-indulgent, maybe even weak,” to even “I won’t be disciplined enough to continue showing up, writing and posting.”

I’ve shown myself a lot by taking on this practice.

I’m also grateful to you, Dear Reader.  Part of the Magic of this Relationship is you travelling Your Path and finding yourself Here.  I imagine Our Guides partnering up to get us both together in a special relationship where we both are growing and expanding who we are, expanding our consciousness for Who We Will Be.

On this cloudy day, there’s suddenly blue sky poking through; and, just now, during the moment I wrote that last paragraph, the sun shined bright on my face.  I think that’s what our relationship is like, Dear Reader.

Of course, who is the Sun in this relationship – right?  I deeply believe we are the Sun for the other, at the same time.  And, I thank you for showing up and sharing your radiance with me, and lighting up My World.  Our World.

Back where we last lived, there was a world-class museum that had an Asian art collection.  I found myself drawn to a huge bell that had a sutra written upon it.  I’ve recently been drawn to the memory of that bell, and it seems significant that it is a bell for which I have never heard its ring.  I don’t know, yet, what that means.  But, in a way, that image has brought me back to meditation the last couple days.

IMG_0141 IMG_0157 IMG_0158


Today’s Prompt:

A Practice of Gratitude – give thanks for something in your life, and for someone in your life.  For your new boundary in your life.  For You in your life.


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