February 20, 2016—Day 50 (WD 331)

Sunrise Pages February

Resting in Your Presence, Dear Creator –

Here I was, yesterday, sharing thoughts of golf, green grass, and bright blooms; and, last night as I took out some recycling, it was snowing.  Gosh, it was a pretty and peaceful snowfall.

That’s the flexibility that I find serving me so well.  I’ve known many people in my past who would say, “No, I’m just ready for spring!”  As if, once they’ve begun to look forward to spring, any slight return to winter is deemed unacceptable, and they often act cross and upset about it.

For me, there’s no friction or contradiction in beginning to imagine spring one day, yet celebrating a peaceful snowfall the next.  In my world, that’s always possible; and, it’s simply my resistance to any of it that makes it feel hard and makes me suffer.

Thank you, Creative Universe, for making things interesting.  It’s why we swing on a swing, play on a teeter-totter, dance, and surf – to play in movement and challenge ourselves to actively re-orient ourselves and keep our balance.  Or not.  There is a rush of excitement when we are playing and feel a momentary loss of control.

Dear Reader – I wonder about you.  And, I’m hoping My Guides are on board with me sharing with you my curiosity.  For starters – How did you discover me?  What brought you here?  And, what brings you back?

I get curious, from the wide variety of things I share – what resonates for you; what connects and encourages you to go deeper within?

If you’ve read a good number of the days’ pages, what are the main themes you see emerging; and do they speak to you?  Do they offer you something you’ve been looking for, or needed?

I’ve read philosophy and “self-help” books a good portion of my adult life.  And, I recognize now, I had a real tendency to read things that really resonated and felt like Truth; and, I would understand it in an intellectual way.  But, when it came to doing any kind of exercise to examine how this Truth might be missing or buried in my life, I would skip it, or gloss over it quickly, and then turn the page and just go on to the next chapter.

I didn’t want to think of myself as troubled and stuck, even when I was troubled and stuck.  I thought “working” on myself was too hard, and I worried, deep down, that I might be somehow damaged; and, what would that feel like – to make the huge effort to try to change and be better and happier, only to find out I was really broken and irreparable.

So, I would read the stories, points of views, and enlightening realizations in these books, and I would try to use them to apply some shiny happiness on my exterior, too afraid what I might find if I went any deeper.  And, no surprise – nothing changed.

Well, a little changed.  I did file a lot away intellectually.  And, I recognize now how drawn I was to this work, and the spirit and essence of healing and self-care.  Also, the healing derived from the simple practice of integrity and authenticity.

The paradigm shift was when I finally reached out and partnered up – to get out of my own head and own way; to create in partnership to go deeper and greater than I had ever done, and to leverage accountability.


So, I’ve got a few prompts for you; if you’re up for the challenge.  Take a couple minutes to consider and write down your answers to these questions:

What is the most courageous act you have ever witnessed?  Describe it in some detail.


How did it make you feel?



What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?  Describe it in some detail.


How did it make you feel?



Play the metaphor game – this bridge is like this moment in my life, because:



Thanks, to my many partners and guides!

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