February 18, 2016—Day 48 (WD 329)

Sunrise Pages February

Peace and Namasté, Bright Universe –

It is a bright, clear morning; which feels different from the most recent ones.  It seems to me that it’s been a while since there were only scattered clouds that soaked up the brilliant sunrise colors.  It feels fortuitous – What will today hold?

Dear Reader, you may wonder why I so often seem to start with an accounting of the weather of the day, or the day before.  There are a few reasons.

Structure – it is something I can count on, that gets my pen moving, as I connect with the flow of whatever inspiration is there for me.

Appreciation and Gratitude – I’ve mentioned before that I open and close my Pages with direct communication with The Universe, The Creator, and My Spirit Guides; with acknowledgement and thanks for what they give to me.  The physical manifestation of the changing weather and seasons, in this environment, is a great lesson and continual inspiration for me; and, it is important to me to honor the Source.

Grounding – In the physicality and Wildness of Nature, I find a sense of Home.  It can be listening to the wind as it causes leaves and branches on shrubs and trees to sway; the sounds and sight of the river, rushing and crashing when swollen after a storm, or gentle and hypnotic after a dry spell; the peeping songs of the morning birds greeting the sun, as I do; or the colors painted on the canvas of clouds as each new sun creeps over the new morning’s horizon.

To me, there’s a real Truth to the reality of the outdoors – it’s not some artificial environment created by air conditioners and heaters, in a shelter blocking wind, rain, snow, and sun, with piped in water and plumbing.

There’s something True about being exposed to the elements; feeling the crisp cold, or watching the dancing descent of snowflakes, lifting one’s face to the cool rain, or sweating in the summer heat.

There’s an Honesty to looking out, and looking up.  I realized a while back that I just wasn’t looking up as much, as an adult, as I did when I was a kid.  There’s a Peace and Wonder in the skies above – Cloud formations and storm fronts; lightning, rain, and snow; rainbows, sunrises, and sunsets; all types of birds that travel over us; and the moon and stars at night.

For thousands of years, people have looked to the sky, understanding and interpreting its patterns and signs – what will the day’s weather be, and the next day; which direction are we heading?  Where is there water; where might there be food?

We put up four walls and create artificial environments to be “comfortable,” but there’s a lot to be said for being out in the Wildness of the real environment around us.

As you’ve already seen, I’m a metaphor guy; and, I see this as a metaphor for the way we can live our lives.

We can put all our energy and attention into trying to create the perfect “comfortable” environment, where everything is just how we want it.  But, our wants change, we get bored with the sameness, and the systems break down and fail.  We become bored, numb, and frustrated; at the same time losing confidence in ourselves and our ability to adapt and thrive when things are not controlled.

Our self-doubt grows.  We begin to fear the uncontrolled, the unknown, and the Wild.  We build our own prison, and keep the door shut, convinced we are safer and more comfortable in our small room with the same limitations and frustrations, than if we went out into the Unlimited Choice and Abundance of The Universe.

Thoreau, Emerson, Muir, and many others have written how getting out into the Wildness of Nature revitalizes us.  New Life and New Energy.  By tapping into what is ancient and timeless.

By dancing and creating in companionship with the World around us, rather than barricading ourselves from it; we recharge and refill our Soul; we remember our small but unique role in the Body of The Universe; we Connect with The River of Life itself.

Meditators often create a sacred space, which represents and honors the intentions of their practice.  Michael Trotta, a Martha Beck coach, suggests finding what he calls a “sit spot.”  I only know a little about this from what I’ve read.  The idea seems similar to the sacred space of the meditator, except it’s somewhere outside.  A place to return to, to observe and bear witness to what passes through, as well as the steady change of days, months, and seasons.

By being still and quiet, there is an internal peace that comes.  But, also, in that stillness and quiet, there is an invitation for all other things to come and visit.  There is an unspoken promise of honor and safety, to commune in the Sacred Space.

Our lives grow, not by locking ourselves in, but by going out and breathing the fresh air of freedom and adventure.

Thank You for Your Guidance in these words, Great Spirits!

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