February 14, 2016—Day 44 (WD 325)

Sunrise Pages February

Bright and Happy Day, Generous Creator!

Sunshine and a little breeze right now, and a bone-chilling cold.  Yet, in a couple days, it’s forecasted to be in the 40’s, unseasonably warm again.  It’s tempting to say, “That’s not right.  That’s not how it’s ‘supposed to’ be.”  But, where does that get me in this Flowing, Changing, and Unfolding Universe – right, Creator?

What materializes on these Pages is frequently a surprise to me.  I get a seed of an idea and start writing, looking a bit down the road.  Then, I get through and often find myself somewhere completely different.

My point, Great Guide, is that I find it all a great metaphor for the way it all unfolds.  For example, today I’ve got a starting point regarding direction, business, and choice – how they blend and intertwine; how they jumble and interfere with each other; and how we survive and surf all of it.

What will be interesting is to see what flows and emerges; what becomes the final result.

I still do very little tinkering at night as I type up the morning’s writings.  I accept that often that results in a rough, less polished, and perhaps less cohesive, less clear read.  This, too, is a choice I make.  I hope you can appreciate the process and presence that I wish to share in these pages.

So – Direction.  Here are two things that are always happening, simultaneously, I believe.  Do they seem contradictory to you?  You may wonder – Can they both really be true at the same time?  Here they are –

On the one hand, our life can be like riding in the passenger seat of a car. You know the feeling, right?  You want to slow the car down and not follow so close to the car ahead, or change lanes or go faster to make up time when you’re running late.  But, no matter how hard you wish it – grip your leg or the armrest; press your foot harder on the floor to speed up or slow down; or slam your foot on an imaginary brake; you realize any sense of control you think you have is all an illusion.  You’re heading somewhere, and it doesn’t matter a whole lot what you do or don’t do; what you try or don’t try.

At the same time, your trajectory through time and space is like flying a rocket to the moon.  It’s important to stay aware and present, making tiny course corrections along the way; or else, small miscalculations and mis-directions can wind up throwing you vastly off-course.  It would be like setting your GPS for a trip, but never again checking in along the way to make sure you’re still on the route; like making a wrong turn or missing a turn, and not having the GPS re-calculate.

So, how can we have no control, like being in the passenger seat with our imaginary brake pedal; while at the same time needing to be present and aware to make constant course correction?

To me, this is the heart of dancing between The General and The Wild Child, who I described yesterday.  Within this seeming dissonance is the Magic, the Music, and the Joy, of Living a Creative Life.

If we had zero control, we might as well just sit back and switch off, letting the auto-pilot take us wherever.  What fun would that be; what would we learn; how would we stretch and grow beyond ourselves?

I see it like dancing, or music.  There’s a structure – certain steps or a music score.  But, then, it’s our soulful creativity – what we bring, what our partners bring, and how that inspiration and creativity combine in something new and unique, each and every time.

Why play music, if it would always be the same exact sound?  But, each performance is colored by the mood, direction, and blend of what appears in the moment.

When dancing, it’s not just about absolute right positions, but also about connecting and interacting with your partner; even evoking emotions through the collaborative creation.

Business – staying clear on staying in your own business.  It can be tempting to focus our energy and efforts on what other people are doing, and to decide how they should change; how they should act.  Sometimes, we even convince ourselves that our contentment is influenced and controlled by everybody else.  These other people are not the ones in the driver’s seat, when you feel like a passenger.  Waiting for others to change or make you happy is just you avoiding the course-corrections that you can make.  Be responsible for your business, and stay out of other people’s business.  Whenever you are telling yourself that someone else needs to change in order for you to be happy, you are hiding from the Truth.

Which connects us to Choice.  You always have a choice.  When we tell ourselves we don’t have a choice, it’s not true.  When we do nothing, and we tell ourselves we haven’t made a choice; we have.  When we Choose the direction we wish to go, and we get clear about Our Business, and we Choose course corrections that honor ourselves and keep us on the right path; we dance actively, creatively, and with inspiration, with the Music and Rhythm of the Universe.


Joyfully Sing, Joyfully Dance, Great Spirits!  Much Love and Thanks!heart

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