February 10, 2016—Day 40 (WD 321)

Sunrise Pages February

It’s Here, Great Spirit!

The start of a new day.  Always – each moment – can be the first step of a new journey.  This world, and my life, holds unlimited possibilities and seemingly impossible dreams.  You encourage me to dream big; to dissolve my limiting beliefs; and to dare to create from my heart, in connection with the World, as I realize my Purpose.

It’s been snowing all morning here.  It’s not really accumulating; but, it sure is pretty.  And peaceful.  There’s something magical in getting still and opening to the movement of the falling snow.  Noticing the tilt and slant of the flow, the different curves and eddies of the winds, and the size and speed of the flakes.  You don’t focus on just one flake, but take in how the flow is composed of thousands of individual flakes.

These snow showers the last couple days come with an overcast, but bright, sky.  It makes me smile that my writing hand and the pen in it cast a shadow on the empty portion of paper as I write.  Reminder that the sun is still shining.

Do you ever ask yourself the big questions?

  • Why am I here?
  • What is my Purpose?
  • Is that all there is?
  • Why me?


Most of us, from time to time, find ourselves here.  A lot of people get uncomfortable asking themselves these questions; because, they immediately hear the responses from their “everybody.”

  • You’re not enough: good enough, smart enough, hard-working enough, brave enough, strong enough…
  • Special lives are for special people, and you’re not special
  • You made your choices long ago, and now you’re stuck with them
  • Life is hard
  • You don’t have the time, energy, or ability to worry about your “Purpose;” you’re barely hanging on and making it through each day.


Because of the “noise” and discouragement we imagine from our “everybody,” we think it’s easier to keep busy and overwhelmed in our daily lives, so that we don’t have any time to think about such questions.

Today I’m writing these Pages.  After that, I have a few hours, and then I’ll go in for a late shift at my retail job, to work on the annual inventory.  Then, back for a full shift early tomorrow.

Busy day; full day.  Earning some money.  It’s good work, and I enjoy it.  But, it doesn’t light me up the same way as connecting with someone in a coaching session, helping them distill their thoughts down to Pure Truth, and witnessing them Light Up.

So, I go to work, and I honor myself by doing my best, being present, kind, and attentive.  But, I do make time for these Pages; for watching the snow fall; for getting outside and communing with Nature, and eagles, deer, and waxwings.  For envisioning what I love to do, and how that might look, sound and be, one day.

I see myself with a Gathering of Men, openly discussing risk and vulnerability, fear and regret, and what lies beyond all that, when we embrace those thought and emotions and dare anyway.

I see myself playing with horses, communing in Wordlessness with one, being taught Authenticity and Truth.

I see myself coaching with brave women and men who are determined to live fully and joyfully; caring and healing themselves, daring to journey toward their Peace and Purpose.

I see myself connecting with people who just want to Love – to hold Peace in their heart; mindful and vigilant to be compassionate, to seek to understand and forgive, to help heal, and to create a Sacred Space of Trust.

I see myself learning and sharing the magical art of making fire.  Joined in a circle, spreading the knowledge as a gift and honorable duty.  Adding to the light and warmth in the World.

These are all sacred dreams for me.  I don’t know how I get from where I am today, to each of these places, these visions.

But, if I don’t dream them, how will I ever get there.  By holding these dreams, the paths begin to materialize.  There is a notion, even, that by holding these dreams, The Universe also starts materializing the path back to me.

If I say never, it will be never.  If I hold the intention, each moment and each choice I make moves me subtly toward it.

It’s Here, Great Spirit!  I am Following the Eagle.  I, this moment, begin creating the Future I See!

Did you take time to ask, and answer, the Four Questions from earlier?  What are you learning?  What do you see?  Who do you want to be?

Let’s talk about it.  How about a free conversation, where you share with me your answers, and what you want to do about it?  Let’s schedule it!

Keep soaring, Eagle!  Thank You!

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