February 7, 2016—Day 37 (WD 318)

Sunrise Pages February

The Sun is Shining, Creator, on a clear and beautiful day.

It’s easy to imagine a day like today as full of promise, full of lessons, and as a true gift; but, in reality, perhaps no more than yesterday, or a rainy day, or a day of deep challenge and loss.

Yesterday, I was guided in the beginnings of my “Conversations” project.  So helpful, to move it from my mind to paper and in view of the World.  Or, at least a small bit of the World.  Feels like a seed planted.

I also got outside for a five-mile run – slow, but steady, and the longest I’ve run in a while.  Amazingly, I felt good (meaning especially my legs) the rest of the day; so, I’m thinking that getting my goal of 10,000 steps a day consistently is giving me strength and endurance.

Especially thank you for my encounter with the cedar waxwings yesterday, Guides.  After I hit the five-mile mark, I walked home as my cool down.  As I walked along the river, I heard a bird call different from the chickadees I had heard and seen during my run.  Hoping to spy the source of this different call, I came upon 10-12 waxwings in a tall berry bush.

It’s a curious thing – most of my life, I had never seen a live waxwing, just photos and drawings; but, I always appreciated its distinct look.  Then, four or five years ago, I saw about a dozen one bright, cold morning in a little tree in front of my father-in-law’s home.

Then, a couple years ago, I again spotted about a dozen, this time in the warmth of the afternoon sun during a cold winter’s day; they were flocked in the neighbor’s holly tree.  I even snapped some photographs.  I hoped for a chance for some better photos the next day, but the berries in the tree were gone, and the birds did not return.





Then, yesterday, I got to see them again.  What does it mean?  Or, does it have to mean anything?

You can believe there are no miracles, or you can see miracle in everything.

I try to suggest to myself – “It may not matter.”  And, I know people walked past that same spot, by those birds, and never noticed them.

So, what makes something matter?

That is such an essential question.  Can you feel it?  Because, the answer, deep down, is that it is you that makes things matter to you.

You are a magician, a conjurer, an alchemist!  Where you put your attention, your focus, your heart and soul, is what creates a spark of energy between you and your surroundings.  What matters is the result of your creative, inspired actions and interactions with The Entire Universe.

You can close yourself off to it; shut it down; resist the sparks, and just keep repeating, “So what?”

What value is in that? What are you afraid of?  How does it serve you, to resist the Joy of feeling the sun’s warmth on your face, the Love from the purring cat in your lap, or the Wonder of a dozen waxwings revisiting?  There is magic in the most ordinary moments, if you let them matter.

Thanks for helping me see the Magic, My Guides!

One thought on “February 7, 2016—Day 37 (WD 318)

  1. Ray-I really enjoyed reading this. So glad your run was so rewarding and to see the waxwings- what a sight.
    I found the kitten bowl and was watching it and Precious joined me and was wagging her tail and acted like a
    kitten running around the apartment.

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