February 5, 2016—Day 35 (WD 316)

Sunrise Pages

Peace and Namasté, Dear Creator –

Another Morning, Sweet Universe!  Thank you for the knowledge and experience I was given yesterday, and all the days before.  That knowledge and those experiences accumulate like bricks building a monument.  But, the growth and change all that information inspires in me isn’t accumulative; it’s evolutionary.

As we grow up and age, from a baby to an adult, it may seem like it’s an accumulation – we grow bigger, taller, and stronger.  But, all the people we meet, the differences and challenges we face, the experiences we live – all this information allows us to analyze and refine our understanding of the World around us.

There’s even more to it, though.  It’s valuable to consider how our worldview lines up with our values.  Is there agreement?  What do we tell ourselves?  What do we believe?

There’s always more to be added.  Yet, when we believe that we have enough information, and we refuse to continue learning, growing, and improving, we are like the full teacup.  You can pour more tea, but it simply overflows; nothing is gained.

The idea behind beginner’s mind is an open willingness to see with fresh eyes; to hold loose our beliefs, willing to release or improve them with new information.

What does that mean in practice?  Investigate and understand your values.  For me, there is a desire for Peace in my Soul.  That is my center.  Flowing from there is my desire to be loved and have connection, with all things; and to feel love and appreciation for all things.

That is where it all starts and ends for me.  The moment-to-moment articulation of that, though, calls for flexibility and fluidity.  Part of my learning and refining wisdom is that it hasn’t been helpful to be rigid in my interactions and demonstrations of my values.

What does that mean?

It is my goal to be kind, compassionate, and understanding in all my relationships.  I want to respect and honor others, while also respecting and honoring myself.

I also realize that I don’t know other people’s stories, and certainly not the version of story they are telling themselves.  There’s also the acceptance that we are all held and directed by the version of story we are believing, along with the fears and beliefs we hold.  I see the effort I make to dissolve my own false beliefs and move through my own fears.  Therefore, my goal is to acknowledge and accept however we all show up, and just keep dancing and improvising, with Joy and Compassion.

At any moment, that can mean different action.  Like a jazz performer, it takes following the beat and groove, listening to your mates, and opening to inspiration to blend and mix your voice and your sound to the music.

And, like jazz improvisation, it sounds different and feels different each time.

Yes, yes, yes!

So many metaphors that reflect not on doing things a specific way, but with the heart of flexibility and fluidity, and an energy of adaptation and spontaneity.  Sailing with the Wind; surfing the waves!

Flowing from the Source, with Your Help, Guides!

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