February 2, 2016—Day 32 (WD 313)

Sunrise Pages

Blessings, Great Creator!

What a glorious light shining from the morning’s sky.  The light in the World, the Hope in the World.  What will today hold?  What will today offer?  Help me open my heart and mind to the flow of Loving Energy carrying me, buoying me.

I have a certain meditation where I go back to a trip I took to California for the “Meet and Greet” with Martha Beck and the cadets during my Life Coach Training.  There was a point where I went down to the outdoor pool for a swim, and a moment when I just floated, so relaxed and supported, gazing up at the bright blue sky.

There is great peace for me, in that memory.  The connection with the elements of air and water.  A sense of something Greater – that metaphor of being held – as I floated.  Tapping into the calm of my mind, like the calm, still water.

For all the activity, hustle and bustle excitement of over one hundred fifty participants meeting, connecting, and sharing – in most cases, for the first time – this was a moment of solitude and reflection; just me, with the World.

My wife shared a video with me yesterday.  Social media can be a wonderful way to engage ideas and trigger the deeper emotional responses that speak to our deeper, truer Self.

Perhaps you’ve seen the video.  It shows a blackboard hung up along a New York City street, offering a prompt to passersby – “Write Your Biggest Regret:”


As random people engage and fill the board, I notice a couple things – the emotion tapped into, just by admitting these regrets; and the presence of the word “not,” as the video points out.  For a lot of people, their biggest regret is something they did not dare to do.

The second part of the video shows the people allowed to erase the board, giving themselves a “clean slate.”  Participants mention that by erasing their regret and seeing the clean slate, they feel “hopeful, …that it’s not my regret anymore, …that there’s possibility.”

This is pretty cool, certainly.

So, what would you write?  Can you put voice to your biggest regret?  Or, maybe you have two or three, and can’t even decide which is biggest?

Write them down, if you’re willing.  Look at them.  Allow yourself to feel your emotions.  This can be pretty powerful.

Now, cross out the “not” part of your regret.  Or, cross out the regret and rewrite it as an “I can” statement.

The truth is, though, it’s not enough just to say “I can.”  Because, what often follows is the return of the stream (or torrent) of thoughts, doubts, and fears that have been keeping you from pursuing your dream in the first place.

That’s where the real work is.  Are you willing to dare to fail, to not be understood, and to possibly be judged harshly – in order to explore your dreams?

Let’s sail to new shores, Dear Guides!

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