January 28, 2016—Day 27 (WD 308)

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Welcome, Great Guide!

“To need help and not ask is hiding in fear and remaining closed and stuck.  To ask for help is to be courageous, embracing love and hope, encouraging healing and change in one’s own life.” – Turtle & Lama

Dear Creator, I feel the pull toward service and connection.  The joyful and loving energy of the Universe wishes for me to use my guiding light to help others travel their way, find their path.

To be clear, there is a spirituality I feel connected to, not any organized religion.  To go further – I have often seen myself as half-scientist/half –poet.  And, from this blended sense and view of the world, I see and appreciate the physical properties and processes of our world, and yet find them mysterious and magical at the same time.

How the pull of the moon creates the tides; how glaciers have carved and shaped our land masses; how water nourishes and replenishes, but also pushes, pulls, and drills with massive power.

And, there’s a science and an art to understanding and appreciating who we are and how we are interconnected; and dreaming about the potential that synergy can manifest.  There’s a creativity and art to innovation – it’s a type of magic to see something created that never before existed.

I believe that’s true, whether it’s the creation of a computer of iPhone, a painting or a poem; the magic of conjuring and creation in making a lightbulb, or understanding how your fear affects you.

It can be just as beautiful to take a photo that captures a butterfly in flight, or understand how it is that a butterfly flies.  To appreciate what it takes for a lightbulb to light, or bask in its illumination.

I enjoy seeking to understand and appreciate both perspectives as I live my journey.  It allows me to be curious, inquisitive, creative, and expressive.  It fills my mind and my heart.  It helps me find my balance.

What do you desire?  What moves you?  Where do you want to go?

Those are important questions.  But, questions that we often avoid considering, because of a sense of foreboding.  When we tell ourselves the story that we won’t get what we want, we avoid even dreaming from our heart; because, we believe it will hurt more to admit what we want, yet not obtain it.

But, we are meant to dream.  The Universe wants us to quest, to journey toward hope and desire, growth and improvement.

To access fulfillment, energy, and challenge, we are called upon to stretch and reach, to journey into new and unknown territories, unfamiliar worlds.  To dare and to risk – in relationships, in self-discovery, in spirituality and physicality.

To partner up in the adventure of your life allows guidance, companionship, reflection, accountability, and introspection.  It’s a powerful way to inform yourself and make the most of your time, energy, and journey.

Let’s Dare Greatly, Universe!

4 thoughts on “January 28, 2016—Day 27 (WD 308)”

  1. Dear Ray. It is your major Turtle and lama fan again! Your quote from them today was an amazing “perfect” one for a “healing” that is going on with me in my life now. I was seeking to locate the quote within your Turtle and lama archives, but seem unable to find it easily…oops, I now see where it may be…will be back “for help” if not correct. but just wanted you to know how your words and creation hit a much needed area…Continued blessings

    1. Dear Eileen,
      These, in fact, are new words from Turtle & Lama. Doodle to follow. So glad they arrived at a helpful time for both of us.
      And, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm.

  2. LOL! Can use a little help whenever you have time…(however loved reading the other T&L’s that I saw!) In interim, I wlll just forward quote of your above opening to a friend.

    1. Eileen, I definitely have time! Let’s arrange a time to chat. I’ll email you later today, if that’s okay.
      Peace, Ray

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