January 26, 2016—Day 25 (WD 306)

Sunrise Pages

Welcome to another beginning, My Guides!

I hold myself ready to invite space into my day; to find and appreciate moments of peace and breath; to nourish myself with rest, even as I do, this day.  I am writing these pages, and I will move forward from this with whatever gift I am given.

I had written a little bit, the other day, about intention and karma.  I’m no expert, and I’ve heard that karma is often misunderstood.  I certainly don’t want to add to any misinterpretation.  I consider myself a student, and simply wish to learn.

I think it all comes down to intention – what we hold in our heart.  Why we act the way we act; try the things we try; and do the things we do.

It comes back to that idea I’ve been discussing, that our level of authenticity sends a signal, has an effect, and leaves a mark.  I believe what we hold in our heart, as we live and move through the world, constantly radiates out from us.

So – what are you radiating?

I may have told this story before, but I think it fits in here.  Growing up, I was taught that fighting didn’t solve problems.  I learned that resisting the use of physical violence to solve a conflict was wise; heroic, even; and taking the high ground.

Well, that certainly worked well for me, because I was a pretty wimpy, skinny kid growing up, and I got teased.  So, telling myself I wasn’t fighting because I was smart and morally right was comforting.  It was what I held onto, instead of admitting to myself that the real reason I didn’t fight was because I was afraid.  Afraid to get hurt; beat up; embarrassed and shamed even more by losing a fight.

In my twenties, I studied judo, and I learned a lot about myself and my body.  I also practiced grappling and physical contact in competition, and I experienced pain and learned that I could survive and tolerate it.

It wasn’t that I felt invincible, but I learned how to defend myself, and I was no longer afraid of the pain, or thought I would be humiliated or shamed.

From that point forward, from my new self-awareness, it was different to choose not to fight.  The decision was based on my intention, and who I wanted to be; it wasn’t based in fear.

Does that make sense?  In both, the outcome was the same.  The only thing that was different was my thinking and attitude.

In the first case, I was driven and controlled by my fear.  I felt imprisoned, like I had no choice.

But, once I had learned about myself, and I had some ability; I felt more free to really choose.  In that regard, I could truly celebrate making the choice that lived my intentions and values.

I talked yesterday about a reflection of ourselves appearing in all our relationships.  Do you avoid seeing what’s there for you to learn about yourself?

Be Brave and Look!  It can be the first step to becoming Who You Want to Be!

Much Love, Creator!

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