January 19, 2016—Day 18 (WD 299)

Sunrise Pages

Brrr, Creator –

You’ve made this morning bone-chillingly cold.  You make it easy to recognize the richness in my life – a roof over my head; warm clothes to stay warm; a job that helps afford those things, as well as put food on our table.  I have a caring partner with whom I share my life.

I am fortunate.  And, while I recognize my responsibility in my success, through the choices I’ve made; I also know I do not create this alone.  It is by the Grace of the Loving, Abundant Universe.

This Morning, Dear Universe, I ask your help to be brave; please take away my fear.

Help me see and know my Truth, and act with Integrity and Compassion.

In realizing that I am grounded and connected to the Source, and therefore Safe;

Help me to help others –

Be a raft for those in troubled waters.

Be a light for those in darkness.

Be a balm to soothe those who ache.

Be rest, for those who are weary.

Be hope, to those who are discouraged.

Be understanding to those who are struggling.

Be compassionate to those who are afraid.

And be kind to All.


These intentions may seem contradictory to what I wrote previously, about being responsible for myself and my wellness.  I don’t believe there is a contradiction, but I think it’s valuable to discuss why.

Our intentions matter.  It’s not just what we do; the ends do not justify the means.  It’s about what is in our minds and hearts when we do what we do.

I think it serves the Greater Good to first tend my own house – find and maintain my own wellness, peace, and equanimity.  It’s the same strategy as putting the oxygen mask on yourself before your kids, your loved ones, or anyone else.  There’s just so much more we can do, when we come from a place of wellness.

From there, frankly our wellness, peace, and contentment can grow by helping others.  But, it’s not about posing, worried about what others think.  And, it’s not about feeding our ego, propping ourselves up as somehow better than others.

It’s about continuing to make choices that challenge and satisfy us; that are in alignment with our values, truth, and purpose.

As much as it is rewarding work to look within ourselves to find our truth, and overcome our fears and false beliefs; it’s another kind of wonderful and fulfilling, to help others when we are able.  It can elevate us all.

This is karmic law.  It’s not just about doing good.  It’s about our intention; it’s about doing our best to do what we truly believe is right, at that moment.

I mentioned it before: It’s about doing what you need, without doing harm to others.  At the same time, it’s about doing what others need, without doing harm to yourself.

May Goodness flow through me, My Guides.  Thank You!

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